17 Apr

Oversized Message Center (PBT knock off)

Pottery Barn Teen

Jenny and I used to be neighbors and our boys were friends. Her youngest daughter, Natalie, was crazy about My Littlest Pet Shop and you know how I feel about my pups so we were instant buds.

Somewhere along the line, this little girl sprouted up and was in need of a tween bedroom makeover. They asked me to work some magic and create a message center a la Pottery Barn Teen. Apparently, Nat had been drooling over their Blue Bubble Dottie Style Tile Set but the $300+ price tag made Jenny gag. Read More

10 Apr

Climbing the Walls

shoe storage

I left you hanging in my master closet renovation project post and for that I’m sorry. But I knew you’d be so impressed with this shoe storage solution that all would be forgiven.

Okay, so once the clothes were up there was about a foot and a half of wasted space in the back corner of the closet. Originally, my shoes were on one of those over-the-door wire jobs that never seemed to let the door fully close. I wanted to make use of that corner space but Pinterest failed me creatively. Frustrated, I started roaming around the house for inspiration. Read More

02 Apr

DIY Daily – April 2014

DIY Daily

I know. You’re busy. How can you not be in a world that moves at warp speed? Wouldn’t you love to stop, breathe in your surroundings and connect with all that makes life enjoyable? At the very least wouldn’t you like to find a few ways to make life easier?

You’d think having it all in the palm of your hand would give you more time to do what you love yet, somehow, the days slip by. That ‘To Do List’ keeps growing. You’re so busy being busy.

It’s time to organize the chaos. Read More

25 Mar

Our Well Dressed Closet

makeover master closet

Next month will mark our third anniversary in this house. That means that for nearly three years our master closet has looked pretty much like this:

closet photos

Now, in some homes this walk-in closet (measuring 7′ x 8′) could be considered the 4th bedroom. And for some women sharing it with their husband would be a deal breaker. Since I don’t have to get dressed daily (which keeps my side super clean and organized) this space wasn’t high on my To Do List. But after finishing the master bathroom renovation, I decided it was time to address this eyesore. Read More

18 Mar

Room to Grow

how to paint furniture

I’ve mentioned my good friend, Carole, right? During one of our weekly brunch fests she told me she was looking for a new plant table and that it should be wide enough for the plants to not touch. She figured I might eventually come across something that would work and asked me to keep my eyes open.

Not long after that conversation, I found this particle board princess hanging out on the curb. The top was pretty banged up. One of the feet was missing and it didn’t have a proper drawer pull. Read More

04 Mar

There are no traffic jams along the extra mile

rogue def

Last week I bought a new car.

I didn’t want to but I had to since my lease expires next month. On Saturday, Dave and I headed to the dealer to test drive the Nissan Rogue. We had no intention of purchasing anything just yet but you know how pushy car salesmen are.

After hours of back and forth, Dave located the car that most closely matched my wants/needs on a competitor’s lot. The sales manager said that dealer was picking up one of their cars on Monday and owed them a trade. With a smile and a wink he assured me he’d get “my” car and have it ready for immediate delivery.

Now, I’m not a sentimental kinda person; especially not when it comes to things like borrowed vehicles. But I hold a special place for my Toyota Rav4. I bought it when I was living alone in Milwaukee doing the single-mom thing, at the height of my career (read: pulling in a great salary. Also read: selling my soul). Read More

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