About Dee

I’m a chick & I’m in construction.


Well, I used to be anyway. Now, I’m playing my hand at all things home improvement, trying to remember what I learned in design school and keep from losing my mind (or my fingers) along the way.

After spending too many years trying to prove myself, I got an opportunity to slow down. That’s when I started to rehash my trash and start a blog.

I’m married to my ex-husband. Last September, we celebrated our second 2-year anniversary.

I Do Fist Bump

We have one kid and two bulldogs and live in Wisconsin, for now.

frenchie dogs

I’m in the process of reinventing our first “used” house and figuring it out as I go. Unlike a lot of DIY bloggers, I’m not interested in fame or fortune. I know I’ll never have my own tv show (unless we can film at 2 am and I can voiceover all of my colorful language) and I’m okay with that. I’m cool with having reality tv friends.

sonne detour denver

My favorite things to make are mistakes. Which is good, because I make a lot of them.

I love color – bold, funky, fresh pops of color and my go-to cardio workout is power sanding. I don’t plan. I prefer to fly by the seat of my pants and take life as it comes. 

mom dee

My mom taught me two main life lessons:

1. Find something you’re good at and stick with it, and 2. You can’t get blood from a turnip.

She also says you’ll never have to wonder what I’m thinking – this gets me in more trouble than anything.

And yes, that is sawdust in my hair. Thanks for noticing!


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16 thoughts on “About Dee

  1. Wow! This is awesome! I'm always doing some kind of project, craft or making something old look new, I did a nitestand and a desk just this year, they look awesome!! Done some house flipping in my day too! keep up the good work!!

  2. I am trying to sign up to follow your blog…waiting for confirmation email. I hope I can figure it out so I can remember to check in on you a little more regularly.

  3. From one Dee to another ~ amazing blog and about me page! I must have re-written my "about me" I don't know how many times and still haven't nailed it…pun intended! Your personality shines through and I'll definitely be back to read more. 🙂

    Denise aka Dee

    • Hey thanks! I've been meaning to update my About (after reading all the tutorials & tips about just how much my really sucks in comparison) so this is awesome – I can totally put that off for another month or two! 🙂

  4. Hey Dee

    Just read your "about" section. You're nuttier than a peach orchard boar! Awesome!!

    It's David from HGTV's Flea Market Flip. Love your site! I passed your info on to the casting person so hopefully she gets in touch with you soon.

    I'm launching a new interactive website/forums shortly which I think you will love. All about repurposing/upcycling, treasure hunting, projects, ideas, users photos, stories, & lots of how to…

    No longer in building? Things are picking up slowly. I build custom homes when I'm not fixing up crap…I mean junk…I mean gorgeous, one of a kind treasures. http://www.clarkebuilders.com

    I hope we can get you on the show & stay in touch!

    David Dall

  5. My mother-in-law just lost a part of her finger. But she lost it in the garage door – not doing cool construction stuff. She crafts. Like stamping and embossing and glitter and stuff. Hardly phalanx-threatening, but still. Now she looks like a total badass.

    • Dude, craft kills. Did she concoct some awesome story for her craft nights so all the other Mod Podgers fear her hot glue gun and bedazzling skills?

  6. Okay, I've been looking for new blogs to follow and I read a hilarious comment you posted about the man-meme link party so I checked in here. Any gal who's a fan of The Humpty Hump is awesome in my book! Seriously, my boyfriend makes fun of me all the time for liking that song. Can't wait to keep reading.

  7. Hi Dee! Thanks for linking up to my special About Me Pity Party last week. I loved reading about you! I LOVE that your favorite thing to make is "mistakes." That's awesome! Nice to meet you. 😉

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