08 Dec

13 Awesome Gifts for The DIY Chick

13 Awesome DIY Gifts

Well folks, it’s that time of year again. Mailboxes are overflowing with sales flyers, your favorite tv shows are interrupted by countdown calendars and savvy marketers keep renaming the days of the week urging you to spend more, more, MORE!

Because I care about your sanity, I took the liberty of tracking down some wicked sweet gadgets and gizmos perfect for your ‘Ms. Fix It’ chick this Christmas season. While I firmly believe it’s your right to shower her with gifts any day of the year, these should arrive in time to be placed under the tree. And what if you ARE the DIY Chick? You’ve got plenty of time to pick up special holiday wrap for the gifts delivered by Santa. {wink}

In no particular order I present 13 Awesome Gifts for the DIY Chick in your life:

Keep her warm this winter in a stylish hoodie none of her girlfriends will be wearing at GNO get-togethers. Pairs nicely with skinny jeans and UGGs (though something tells me your chick wouldn’t be caught dead in either).

Tool Hoodie click to order

Remind her to keep this in her tool bag and not the bedside table or a would-be robber could wind up screwed.

Revolver Screwdriver click to order pink or grey

Not ready to put a ring on it? Hold her over with these functional hooks she can style and dress up herself! Don’t wait too long though or one of these might find its way straightened out & pointed at you.

Finger Hooks click to order

Just because…she can’t effing remember where she put the one she JUST had. (Eraser included for effect only since she never makes mistakes. Machete sharpener sold separately.)

Huge Pencil click to order

It might not make her pastries any tastier but she’ll get a kick out of serving them up! Caution: Commenting on her cooking may result in open wounds.

Table Saw Cake Knife click to order

Yes, she has to keep that last 3 oz of paint just.in.case. Now, you can appeal to her thrifty side while cleaning up those damn empty cans in one easy step. The annoying chick in the How To video is an added bonus.

Slob Proof Paint Pen

click to order

If you’ve got some serious bank to splurge pick her up one of these tool chests complete with dry erase board sides. She’ll love using her ’80s electro funk Sharpies to personalize the content labels and when she’s rearranged all that crap for the eleventeenth time she’ll still know what the hell she put where (and what you failed to return to its proper place) Win, win.

Craftsman Dry Erase Tool Chest click to order

I know you hate the shit-ton of keys that woman insists on toting around but you might as well appease her with something practical. She’ll love this because it’s as functional as it is cute and does double duty as self-defense weaponry in a pinch. Because a DIY chick sure doesn’t need you to protect her in a dark alley.

Critter Cutter click to order

Finally! A tool belt that keeps sawdust from collecting in her cleavage. And it transitions easily from shop to chef (if you’re the type who expects her to cook too).

Leather Shop Apron click to order

The next time she bugs you to help her move another P.O.S. she picked up curb surfing remind her that you lovingly gifted her these sweet wheels. Then you go right back to your beer and football cause she’s got this. (Update: I’m giving a set of these away! Be sure to sign up to win.)

Treasure Wheels click to order

She’ll be über stoked to show off this wrist bling to all her DIYer friends.

MagnoGrip Wrist Keeper click to order

No longer will she fail to recall those awesome ideas she had in the shower and she’ll only have you to thank for it.

waterproof paper click to order

And for the DIY-Chick-in-Training there’s more than pretty dolls and kitchen ware in the pink aisle. Stuff her stockings with meaningful playthings and she may not feel the need to nab that bad boy as a fixer upper project when she turns 15.

GoldieBlox Spinning Machine click to order

There you have it – my picks for a fun-filled Do It Yourself Christmas. Feel free to send any and all of these gifts my way as a token of your appreciation!


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  1. I didn't see this in time for Christmas, but I have a birthday coming up in a few months. I believe I will send this to hubby. Love the list!

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