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Blogging is an interesting little community (a little too much like high school sometimes) and I’ve made some awesome friends. If you like me, I’m sure you’ll like them so click away!

Evey cooks up pure tomfoolery (but it’s gluten free!) at:

Cheryl gives it to you straight with a side of sass at:

A Pleasant House
Katie really makes you think (and crave really, really good food) over at:


Ashley inspired me to get my blog on & she’s always up to something crazy at:

Domestic Imperfection


(this page is under construction – so many more people are yet to be included)

8 thoughts on “Blogs I Read

  1. Deanna…what a wonderful addition to my already fun day…meeting you! You call it 'The Gene', my twin sister and I, 'The Disease.' Though I must say, it's the most fun disease anyone can be plagued with…the DIY Gene! I'm already blog stalking your awesome site, finding myself saying out loud, "OMG…I'm so much like her!" Your poor son…stuck in the middle of two soon to be 'friendly similars'. Yeah…I just coined that right now. You can borrow it…you're welcome. You must come see my 'collection(ssss)'! We just might have a lot to compare…elephants, furniture (of course), repurposed madness, chocolate, movies lines, and the criminal mind to 'think' (not act of course) of 'borrowing' lovely landscaping. My brain is reminded of the lawn and landscaping robbery scene in Fun with Dick & Jane with Jim Carrey. On a very random side note (I have lots of those), my apologies on beating you to the curb side Hearth! The project is taking on some awesome features in my brain right now as I speak/type. Can't wait to break out the paint and mix some colors. Oh yes, your son is with me! He behaved well enough…we might let him over again! 😉 Many neighborly hugs…Tess

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