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Color Inside the Lines

Build a DIY Paint Booth

There comes a time in every adult’s life when they can no longer shush the aches and pains telling them they are getting old. For the avid DIYer, those grumblings from overworked and under-iced muscles are heard over even the loudest of power tools.

A few weeks ago, the ligaments in my right shoulder and forearm were screaming at me to stop painting. When I could ignore them no longer, I put down my brush, picked up a pencil and sketched up a simple solution to help me work smarter and whine less.

Once it was all worked out in my head, I enlisted the guys’ help to clear out a 9′ x 9′ area in the garage to work in.

DIY Paint Booth

I got a little candid for the camera. Passersby thought I was having a sale but I was vacuuming and acting a fool. See what happens when there’s room to move around in?

It took a while to get to it but behold, a blank wall.

DIY Paint Booth

Using basic materials and tools, I created a dedicated ‘pop-up’ workspace to spray my project pieces and cut down on the wear and tear of my right arm. The design allows the booth to fold flat against the garage wall when not in use. So, someday I might actually park inside the garage. (hey, a girl can wish)

Paint Booth Walls

After dry-fitting the boards together I secured them with long wood screws. Each section measured roughly 2′ 1/2″ wide leaving plenty of space in the center of the back wall for a filter pocket.

Paint Booth Filter Pocket

Cutting down some scrap wood, I framed out a pocket to hold an air filter. The bottom is entirely enclosed while the top and sides allow for any size filter to drop in and swap out easily.

Paint Booth Wheels

Because of the size of my walls, I wanted to be sure they were easily moved in to place. I installed a set of medium weight casters to each wall and positioned stops for added support.

Paint Booth Support

Countersinking a screw into the wood with a spade drill bit keeps it’s head from scraping the adjacent concrete floor. It’s also a handy way not to need longer screws.

Paint Booth Support

After marking my 2×4 support level, I secured it to a stud in the wall.

Folding Paint Booth Wall

And used standard door hinges to attach the back wall to the support. With the hinge positioned correctly, the wall closes flat against the garage side wall.

Paint Booth Fold Out Wall

I wheeled the side wall over and secured it to the back wall with safety-latch eye hooks.

Paint Booth Plastic Sheeting

Inside, I measured and cut the plastic sheeting to fit over the wall frames and stapled them in place.

Paint Booth Plastic

I added a horizontal support brace that worked double duty to position the wall into place. Even on wheels, it’s difficult for a 5’nothing chick to move an 8′ wall around the garage (but not impossible).

Paint Booth Wall

To secure the end of the side wall, I stuck an eye hook in a ceiling stud and used a piece of chain someone had pitched on trash day a while back. Seriously, I find uses for everything (much to Dave’s chagrin).

Paint Booth Air Filter

The white tarp (left) drapes over the top as a temporary ceiling to contain airborne over-spray. The clear plastic sheeting allows light to permeate the space while keeping dust out and off of wet pieces. It will probably help keep paint off of Dave’s car at some point too.

Paint Booth Air Filter

And while that is a good thing, behind the back wall is where the magic really happens.

Paint Booth Ventilation

A box fan atop a curb-surfed kid’s table pulls the air out of the spray booth, cycling it towards the open service door off to the right of the garage. The filter keeps the paint particles from getting into the fan’s housing elements.

Paint Booth Folded Up

And it all folds flat when the project is complete. Or in my case, for the purposes of this single blog post.

Paint Booth Finished

Since we all know my projects will never be complete.

Want to try this in your own workshop? For a material list and easy-to-follow tutorial click here – DIY Fold-Up Spray Paint Booth and be sure to link back when yours is complete! (pin the image below for quick reference back to this post)

Build a DIY Paint Booth

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4 thoughts on “Color Inside the Lines

  1. My garage is so dang jam-packed with stuff that I’m not sure I could handle taking the stuff in and out every single time I needed to paint. What do you suggest?

  2. Nice Job!! Make this Ol' girl feel better about her bestie having a nice ventilated area and help on that whine "WINE" with those aches and pains. Love you and keep up the awesome work sharing your gift and showing no matter where you live no matter what you do or don't have, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Muah!

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