25 Feb

Dear Blog, We need to talk.


Dear Blog,

We need to talk.

Today started out like every day we’ve had together for the last 3 months. I lazily made my way out of bed as you told me how many people stopped by while I slept. Then, over coffee we laughed at our spammy comments (and how hard English apparently is to master) and smiled at the words of encouragement left by our bloggy friends. Before getting on with the daily dirt we checked in on Facebook to see what everyone else was up to today. And it was beautiful.

Now, I know that usually by this time of night I’ve already played with your sidebars and reorganized your widgets. I’m sorry that I have been standoffish and barely touched you. It’s just that, well, something happened today that bothered me and I wasn’t sure how to tell you….

This afternoon someone said we should break up.

Of course, I immediately defended our relationship because even though we haven’t been together very long I do think we are good for each other. I can be myself with you and while a lot of people may not get my brand of humor or appreciate my innate ability to identify spades, you do. And even though I haven’t quite figured you out I find you so appealing. You pique my interest and I am eager to fiddle with all of your bells and whistles. Honestly, you turn me on.

But I couldn’t help but just curl up with my thoughts and analyze why she would say such a thing. She said I wasn’t funny and I should give you up – that I shouldn’t even have a blog. I wanted to cry.

I think she is jealous of what we have. Maybe she can’t be honest with her blog like I can be with you. Maybe their relationship wasn’t built on the same foundation of trust and honesty and html ours was. Maybe she’s just not a very happy person.

Maybe her blog just isn’t that into her.

Listen, I want you to know that even though there may be times I don’t seem eager to be with you or you get to feeling like I’m spending too much time reading other blogs – please don’t take it personally. What we have is real and I’m not going to give up on you. Sure, we are going to have days where we disagree and aren’t on the same page and just need our space but that’s okay. I promise not to hold it against you if I can’t access your server if you promise not to get pissy with me if I haven’t pressed your publish button in a while. I think that as any blogger relationship progresses those initial lustful actions wane but I’m sure it’s normal.


Let’s agree right here and now not to waste another second comparing what we have with other blog relationships. So what if they have fancy fonts and banners and people pay them for their content? I mean, in a way isn’t that awful? I have no intention of cheapening what we have with forced links and brand name-dropping. If you think about it, their relationship is more Pretty Woman than Sleepless in Seattle and I don’t want us to end up like that.


I feel better now.

I really like you Blog. I like you, like you and I’m really glad you’re here for me.



36 thoughts on “Dear Blog, We need to talk.

  1. im new too and your tips are easy..detailed and i like that you don't seem snobby and wealthy..maybe you are wealthy but your tips seem to work when your house isn't sitting on 8 acres

    • You ladies have made my day! Nope, I'm not wealthy; in fact this is probably the poorest I've been in my adult life. Happiest though because (thankfully) I'm able to choose not to slave away for a paycheck and instead enjoy driving the streets on curb surfing treasure finding missions! I hope I'm not snobby (though I wonder if snobby people know they are snobby?) and come across as sincere and down to earth. I'm just flying by the seat of my pants & happy ya'll are along for the ride!

  2. I just came across your blog, and I really enjoyed this!! I think my blog and I need to have the "talk" as well!!

  3. I am new to your blog….and the reason I'm luvin' it is because (besides your sense of humor) – your blog is easy on the eyes & enjoyable to read. I flip right on by blogs that are so covered in ads, linky parties (whatever the heck they are!, etc,
    I don't have a "people or house" blog….we redid our home from the ground up…but that was before blogs, internet & scanners. It's still a work in progress, as decorating a home is ever evolving and taste changes.

    I'm more of a "dog" person….I'm thrilled to see your little Frenchie.
    Fear not…you have not lost a reader, but gained one.

    Charlotte (aka luvmydachshunds)

  4. I've so been there! I love your writing so definitely don't quit. I'd be so deprived and would definitely need therapy. 🙁 One of my most linked post was talked about in a very, shall we say, negative way. Pure jealousy talking. Ignore them. Thanks for linking up at Transformed Tuesday.


    Peggy~PJH Designs

  5. Definitely don't stop blogging! I enjoy reading your posts when I get over here! I vote for ignoring comments that are distasteful and following your heart! That's what I do even when no one looks or comments, because it is for me more than anything…and I am seriously not funny. Keep on keepin' on!


    • Thanks Bev – it has surprised me just how immature the blog-community can be at times. Personally, I blog for 'real folks' not bloggers or even myself. I already know all this stuff. I just want to share it with other people who are sincerely interested. That's not too much to ask right?

  6. Hi! This is my first time commenting, and I really can't understand how anyone else can butt into a relationship and tell you what you can or cannot have! It's your blog; you get to decide whether you want to keep it or not (and I think you definitely should!!)

    • Many thanks for the comment Roshni. 🙂 I had fun writing the post and based on the comments I think the joke is on the other person. My blog & I are gonna keep on keeping on.

  7. Haters gonna hate! The playas just gotta keep playin'!
    I can not believe someone would say those things to anyone, let alone to you! I have never understood why people choose to be so negative; it's obviously natural for disagreements to arise, but there are perfectly civil and polite ways to go about voicing that disagreement. Ugh, some people!

    • Huh, see I thought the mature thing to do was to just unfriend & block someone. Do people really still have civil & polite disagreements?? Learn something new every day! 🙂

  8. What??? Whoever said that is cracked (that's what we used to say in the 60's). You are a fabulous blogger and dee constructor. Your friend and big supporter, Linda

    • From this moment forward I shall find a way to use the term 'cracked' in daily conversation. I think I'll start with someone who lived through it and can appreciate the verbal resurrection – MOM!!!

    • Blogging for me is a tad too much like talking to myself (and I do enough of that as it is). I prefer to blog for YOU. And by 'you' I mean the people who don't take everything so dang personally or expect me (or anyone else) to be perfect. Bah! Perfect – what's that anyhow??

  9. Dee – ANYone who would say that is suffering from serious high school mentality…ignore. Not only are your posts funny and creative, but I personally am grateful that they aren't rife with spelling errors…now THOSE are the bloggers who should quit blogging! Anyhoo – don't let the bat shit crazy ladies break up with your blog – you got it goin' on GF. xoT

    • Why thank you Tracy. I don't understand the typos btw, all computers come with spell check these days yes? 3 cheers to the bat shit crazy people who provide blog inspiration for the rest of us – I'll drink to that!

  10. Hear hear! Don't let anyone ever talk you out of blogging! It's so corny, but I say it all the time: Blogging has changed my life. The community is so supportive and it's such an amazing creative outlet / way to connect with likeminded folks.

    • I think what I love most about my bloggy friends is their unabashed love for all things booze. You were drunk when you wrote this right Jules? I love you man. Really, I love you man.

  11. Haha, well said.

    And what kind of person would say something like that? That's the worst mean comment ever, so much worse than "your project sucks" or anything like that. What a…..you know.

    Also, how in the world did you remember how to fold notes like that? It was second nature back in high school but now I couldn't do it if my life depended on it!

    • Ok you got me Ash, I totally had to fold that note a few times and if you notice, it's still not all lined up. Funny thing, I still have a ton of my old love notes from back in the day (and they faintly reek of Drakar). Don't you feel bad for all the young kids these days? What with cell phones & FB they aren't going to have such tokens to reminisce over. I sure hope they blog – that way they can come back and rehash their own haters at a later date. {that's what blogging is for right?}

  12. You've already had your first hater. That puts you EONS ahead of me blog success-wise, and I've been blogging for almost three years. Congrats, girl!! It only means your writing is awesome. Trust me – people don't waste time trying to bring down *bad* writers. 😉

    • I'm sure she wasn't the first, she was just the first to pipe up. See, now that I've made an example outta her the rest will stay back lest they be featured in tongue-in-cheek format too. (insert evil laugh here)

    • Why thank you ma'am. I was all set to blast the chick when this cute little love story between a girl & her blog evolved. Sometimes I surprise the heck out of me.

    • …and no, I did not pay her to say this. And it's not just my writing that is genius. You should check out my knee-driving while texting, drinking a latte whilst reading a to do list skills too. (It's prob a good thing I only leave the house once a week huh?)

    • That's an awful lotta love there Meg. How much have you had to drink today? You're too nice so apparently not enough. Drink up girl, I want the real Meg back stat!

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