07 Aug

An Update on the DeeTour & My Liver

Insinkerator Sonne

Just a quick note to update ya’ll on the Sonne Dee-tour in full effect. Not sure who the heck Sonne is? That’s ok – feel free to turn back a few pages and catch up, we’ll wait…

Alrighty then, so Sonne’s been hanging out with the boys and me for over a week now. She got in last Monday night and slept late Tuesday morning. After the initial “it’s so great to finally meet you”s it took all of 3 whole minutes for her to get situated and the pups to decide she was their new best friend. She seemed to get on just fine with the kid too.

Straight Shooters

That’s in the pet aisle at Menards where we went in search of a new sink, since we decided that would be the first ‘Do on the list. And for the record, size matters people (of sinks, not balls). Whoever thought 6 inches was deep enough to properly wash dishes without overspraying and soaking everything on the counter and floor was smoking something. Even if I was the sort of person to use the dishwasher, there still wasn’t enough room to pre-rinse so I picked up a sink that was 9″ deep, stainless steel and double-sided. Go big or go home right? I did both.

Later that night, we met up with the head of the local chapter for Habitat for Humanity for dinner at Rivals. After entirely too many tacos and beers, Sonne wound up on the mic calling out the 50/50 raffle winner as I cooed over an adorable puppy someone was toting around. I hip-bounced a crying baby and we had cookies…at the bar.

On Wednesday, we celebrated my kid’s 15th birthday. Allow me to photo bomb you with our collective insanity awesomeness.

Birthday Go Carting

After burgers at Ron’s Place we headed out for drinks and a little karaoke at Baker Street Pub.

Sonne Dee Tour

Or maybe it was a lot of drinks and karaoke because I can’t for the life of me remember what we did on Thursday. I even scrolled our Facebook pages for evidence and neither of us posted squat. I know we weren’t busy working on the sink because those ‘in progress’ photos didn’t surface until Friday.

DIY Sink Installation

It’s a good thing I document all major life events on social media or I would never have a clue what I’d done when. Anyhow, Sonne can fill you in on all the project details (and explain how I fixed something she couldn’t – holla) but this’ll hold you over until then…

Insinkerator Sonne

As she fought the plumbing, I prepped the laundry room for the 2nd project on the list. Halfway through, our tummies were rumbling for nourishment (read: beer) so like good contractors we hit The Brat Stop and enjoyed mid-day bloodies. For the second time in three days, I got Dave to join us as we harassed bartenders and patrons alike. He owed us, though, for being the reason we made another trip to Menards on the way home for a new faucet.

Can you hear me now

Later that night, the BFF tagged along as we celebrated checking the first project off the list!


So far, this girl is on fire (and so is my liver).

Girl on Fire


5 thoughts on “An Update on the DeeTour & My Liver

  1. Hey Sonne!

    Thanks again for filling in as our reserve volleyball player! Awesome meeting you and hearing of your journey. You're more than welcome to join us again if you're in town.

    Go Red!

    Be safe and enjoy your journey!

  2. You have been busy…. this whole situation is just amazo but I'm not really amazed because it's YOU and you get the job done. I've been trying to keep up with you all summer. You've been bouncing around with Dave a lot- yes? Seems like trips to lakes, and camp grounds, and sights, and watering holes, and a new retail venue. I can't keep up!

    • Maybe it's because I'm not working (but I didn't work last summer either) that I'm gallivanting around. I was in LA & San Diego then New York & New Jersey (more on that soon!) I went up to Green Bay just before Sonne got here. I still have to head out to see the folks near Iowa but other than that I'm staying put to finish up some projects for a while. BUT there is a chance another HGTV reality star will be in my near future….(I'm such a tease eh?) 🙂

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