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DIY Air Freshener

DIY Air Freshener

This morning I had to get up extra early to clear off the dining room table and move all of the furniture because the flooring guys had to come back (again!) to repair our laminate wood floors. Since my pup has crazy dust mite allergies we had the carpeting (except in the bedrooms) replaced. While the floors were installed a good 5 months ago, something about the squooshiness of the underlayment and our needing to walk from room to room doesn’t jive and the joints between the boards keep failing. This is the second time they’ve been out to rip up and relay the flooring and the main guy swears he’s never seen this happen before. I suppose that makes me special. Let’s just hope what *they* say about the 3rd time is true.

As I was prepping for the contractors I remembered an idea I had a few nights ago during a frequent bout of insomnia. I was laying in bed looking at my very empty scented plug-in nightlight and wondered if I could refill it myself. (The prices of replacement bulbs are steep!) So during my pre-contractor clean-a-thon, I grabbed two empty Bath & Body Works Wallflowers to test my theory. By the way, if you use the nightlight kind be prepared to wipe away some dead bugs from inside the pretty flower part. I wouldn’t recommend washing them since this is the part that connects to the plug and water and electricity don’t mix.

I unscrewed the glass bulbs from the plastic plugger-inner thingy and with a butter knife popped the plastic cap (that holds the filter) off and rinsed the bulb out.


Originally, my thought was to refill them with Febreeze but I didn’t have any on hand so I surveyed my bathroom closet with the assumption that B&BW didn’t reinvent the wheel between body and home spray making.

Since I have an overabundance of Vanilla Bean Noel body spray (hey, it’s my favorite and when your birthday is the day before Christmas you take advantage of those ‘Buy 3 Get 3 Free’ specials – don’t judge me) it was an easy choice to make.


I poured the spray into the glass bulb. Here’s a tip – don’t fill it all the way up or it will overflow when you insert the filter. (Unless the goal is to have your countertops smell perty like mine do now.) Twist the bulb back into the plug-in component and…

TADA! For absolutely no money and very little time you can get your place to stink pretty again!

DIY wall flowers @deeconstruct

About 10 minutes later, both flooring guys commented on something smelling nice. Since I hadn’t showered yet I knew they weren’t talking about me. Success!


And the best part is that free looks as good as it smells!

As they finish up the floors, I’m holed up in my bedroom in a make-shift office (nevermind that I have an actual office…it is in complete disarray) putting the finishing touches on my craft fair goodies.


I feel like a teenager again. All curled up on my bed writing….I just have to keep myself from laying back and napping. Thanks for popping in – now, go refill all of your plug-ins!

27 thoughts on “DIY Air Freshener

  1. YOU GO GIRL!! AWESOME IDEA….AND NO ONE SHOULD JUDGE HOW YOU SPEND OR “SAVE” YOUR COINS!!! You gave me an idea on how to actually use my BUY 3, GET 3, FREE New Seasonal Item, Birthday and other various Holiday B&BB body sprays!!😉🤣

  2. I’m wondering if we should stay away from certain products? Has anyone heard of or experienced any fire hazards? Really want to try this

  3. I just wanted to say that I tryed it out and it works my favorite sent is twisted peppermint from b&bw thanks for the great tip.

  4. Unrelated to the refills but to your flooring issue. Did the flooring company have you checked the humidity in your house? Sounds like that that could be source of your problem.

    • After the fact we realized that the company approved contractor did not complete the required moisture test even though we did have the material in the house for the recommended week prior to installation.

  5. Tried it with my favourite Hawaïan Ginger and it smells so pretty! Although it goes through a bulb in two days only plugged in the day. Any suggestions on getting it to evaporate slower?

  6. I tried it and it’s so easy and such a great idea!!! I had to use a steak knife (pointier tip) from the inside next to the wick to release it partially and wedge the remainder of the plug out with a butter knife. I refilled it and gently tapped the plug back in by covering it with a towel and tapping it on my sink. Thanks for the help and idea! (Ps- I filled it with downy unstoppable fabric refresher spray) 🙂

  7. Thanks for sharing this. I was looking on the web for repairing the light on one of these "wall flowers". If you happen to have any suggestions, please post.

  8. I noticed that many of the spray bottles no longer have a screw top and can't be removed. I wanted to put some from a larger bottle into a smaller one I could take on the plane when I found this out! Also The darned plug in's seem to have a limited life, like they just stop warming. Now all of this is not to say that I think this is a bad idea, and I will surely try it!

    A question though, doesn't the old sent in the "Filter" effect the new sent you put into the bulb?

    • Really?? I hadn't noticed since I haven't bought any since the last time I stocked up (2 xmas's ago). Well shoot…and you're right, the used filter doesn't let as much of the smell through but it's still better than buying one brand new. Maybe I'll find a way to get new filters too…

  9. I love the idea of making things My Husband and I will be moving from our 5th floor apartment this month to a 2nd floor apartment which is being built as we speak and I am looking for cheap ways to re-do my home and refilling air fresheners sounds really cool ty for sharing

  10. Wow, now this is a great trick! I will so be doing this… like today! Thanks so much for the great tip!! Love it 🙂

    Thanks for sharing on Weekend Wonders.. Hope to see you again soon.

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