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I know. You’re busy. How can you not be in a world that moves at warp speed? Wouldn’t you love to stop, breathe in your surroundings and connect with all that makes life enjoyable? At the very least wouldn’t you like to find a few ways to make life easier?

You’d think having it all in the palm of your hand would give you more time to do what you love yet, somehow, the days slip by. That ‘To Do List’ keeps growing. You’re so busy being busy.

It’s time to organize the chaos. Inside, you’ll find tips & tricks, projects and inspirations to help you reclaim your personal spaces. Each project has been cherry picked because it is relevant and do-able. The wonderful contributors are just like you. Each comes from a busy place in life with a desire to connect and share their craft.

I encourage you to take a break and flip through the stories (one for each day of the month). You might find the inspiration needed to tackle a new project. Perhaps, a tip will come in handy at just the right time. Maybe you’ll make a new friend.

Hopefully, you’ll have enjoyed simply slowing down.

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  1. In the name of everything Holy- this is AWESOME!!! I love the format- your voice- the ideas- the photo's! I've subscribed. I think this is your best idea yet- I'm NOT KIDDING!!!

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