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DIY Fold-up Paint Booth Tutorial

How to build a paint booth

Material & Tool List Paint Booth

Step 1 – Build Your Walls

Lay out the 1×8 boards horizontally and place the 1×6 boards at evenly spaced intervals. Secure with screws (pre-drill to prevent splitting). Use a carpenter’s square (or square block of wood) to keep boards level and place scrap wood underneath for support. On one of the walls (side wall) install a 1×8 board across at center for added support. (Later you’ll see that I added handles to make it easier to move.)

Paint Booth Walls

Step 2 – Frame Out Filter Pocket

Measure the height of your table / stand and mark the position of the bottom of the filter pocket accordingly.

Paint Booth Filter Pocket

Install a 1×4 board cut to length flat across the bottom between the vertical boards (A). Measure up 20″ from the bottom board to install the top boards (turned sideways) on the front and back sides of the filter frame (B). Then measure, cut and install 1×2 trim pieces to frame out and support the filter opening (C).

Frame Filter Pocket

Step 3 – Add Wheels / Support Blocks

Paint Booth Wheels

Paint Booth Support

Step 4 – Secure & Install Back Wall

Paint Booth Support

Install 2×4 level to wall stud.

Folding Paint Booth Wall

Install hinges to support and booth wall.

Step 5 – Secure Side Wall

Paint Booth Fold Out Wall

Install safety latch eye hooks to easily line and attach side wall to back wall. Secure side wall to ceiling-mounted chain for added stability.

Paint Booth Wall

Step 6 – Cover Walls with Plastic Sheeting

Paint Booth Plastic Sheeting

Measure and cut sheeting to overlap wood sides for complete coverage. Secure with staples.

Paint Booth Plastic

Step 7 – Install Temporary Ceiling

Paint Booth Air Filter

Secure a white / clear tarp or plastic sheeting to be pulled over booth to contain airborne overspray.

Step 8 – Set Up Box Fan & Table

Paint Booth Ventilation

Place fan on table outside booth close to air filter. Face fan away to draw air out towards fresh air source.

Airflow Diagram for Paint Booth

Step 9 – Fold Up for Storage

Paint Booth Folded Up

(Notice the center board and added handles I mentioned adding earlier.)

Step 10 – Secure for Safety

Paint Booth Latch

Secure side wall to back wall (once folded up) with a safety-latch eye hook.

Paint Booth Latch

Install hook eyes and thread rope in a figure-8 style to secure side wall to support.

Project Notes: Take care not to stack or push anything up against the folded booth frame that would puncture the plastic or damage the wood. When the plastic sheeting is covered in paint overspray, swap it out for new plastic. Always clean up the floor after painting to prevent it from drying and causing a slip hazard. When possible, use a stand or sawhorses to elevate pieces to be painted. I like to use a small platform on wheels to make painting around a piece easier.

As always, follow proper safety protocol when working with paint and other toxic substances.

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One thought on “DIY Fold-up Paint Booth Tutorial

  1. I’ve turned a hobby into a small business restoring furniture and building custom pieces. Needless to say, spraying furniture instead of hand painting, staining, and polyurethaning would greatly improve my output. I have a small shop now so this project is exactly the solution I have been looking for. The only problem I have is I have found mixed info on compressors to use with a gravity fed gun. I would probably go with a California air tools model because of their quietness but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. Please help me if you can. Thanks!

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