05 Nov

DIY Magnet Board

DIY Message Magnet Board

There are {a lot of} times I have absolutely no idea what day it is. I wake up and look over to the hub’s side of the bed just to figure out if it’s a weekday. That works more than half of the time. Knowing which day of the week it is another story.  Apparently, staying up until the wee morning hours amid paint fumes has affected me. Needless to say, I’m not always in a huge hurry to sprint out of bed and start my day.

Unless it’s Thursday.

On this magical day I am out of bed before my French alarm goes off eager to see what goodies were left out overnight. Can you believe it? Every week people put things I will most definitely fall in love with outside for me to take. Free of charge. No conversing, no haggling price, just a complete “here you go Dee!” right there at the curb perfectly positioned to toss into the back of my truck. And so toss I do.

I swear, Thursdays are better than Christmas.

Not too long ago during a mad dash to beat the trash truck I stumbled upon these lovelies patiently waiting for me to take them home. I’m pretty sure my mom once drooled over these exact mirrors at someone’s Home Interiors party. I googled “Home Interiors gold mirror” and found an Ebay auction where these puppies are priced at $60!

While horrendously gaudy in gold, the top mirror was in perfect condition. It’s twin didn’t quite make it so I opted to split them up, give them individual identities and bring them into the new millennium. The original hardware was in tact (including hangers for both directions) and the backing came off easily. Underneath however, I found several multi-legged castaways. Thankfully, none were alive so eviction measures were swift. (Cue the shopvac & grab the sani-wipes.)

Both frames were then treated with a bleach bath followed by light spray primer. The mirror got all dolled up in a *custom* (and by custom I mean let’s pour some of this paint into that can to see what happens) pink color.

This little beauty quickly found a new home in a spunky 3-year old’s new ‘big girl room’ (hooray for online garage sale sites!}. I decided it’s misfit twin find would stay with us.

DIY Message Magnet Board

Grabbing my tin snips and some sheet metal, I set to work making an edgy magnet board for the kitchen. Between the pantry and laundry room, directly across from the fridge is a small wall. I figured this guy would fit in perfectly there.

Some swipes across the surface with a wire brush created texture. A couple of peel ‘n stick magnets added to some leftover back-splash glass and slate tiles finished the ‘bad boy’ look I was going for.

DIY Message Magnet Board

VOILA!  Not too shabby for a Thursday morning curb surfing session huh?

5 thoughts on “DIY Magnet Board

  1. So cute. Unfortunately we are only allowed to put out 2 bags and our recyclables, the rest has to be taken to the dump. This really cuts down on curbside treasures around here.


    • Whaaaaa? I would be writing letters to someone downtown if that were the case in these parts. Just after writing that post my girlfriend called to say she hit the dumpster-divin' jackpot & wanted me to head over to the corner of such & such. As I was driving home with not one but 5 chairs it occurred to me that everyday is trash day somewhere! Oooooh the possibilities. Thanks for following along Gloria!

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