29 Aug

A Carpenter + A Designer = A DIY TV Show?


…or in our case, just a pretty sweet blooper reel.

It’s true what they say about getting a little too comfortable around the cameras and even forgetting they are rolling on those reality shows. The first day Sonne panned my way I was all “no, I look like crap!” covering up my face with my hands and ducking my head under the nearest table/pillow/dog. But by the middle of the first week, not only was I immune to the glowing green light, I was appalled when she missed some of my best off-the-cuff one-liners. In fact, I may have made her back it up for a retake or five. Some things – like my coming out of the closet – were so completely camera-worthy it would have been a shame not to pause for a redo.

I mean, of all things for her to miss.

Of course, she was a little tied up turning my designer pipe dreams into reality. Remember this triple dose of awesome?

Floating Corner Shelves

If you have never before seen this image it’s clear that you’re not following along on Facebook or Instagram and sadly, missing out on a heck of a lot of toe numbing and nose tingling nonsense. Get on that already would ya?

Anyhoo – this 2-D masking tape diagram was Step 1 of the eleventy-three step process it took to get these one-of-a-kind wrap-around-floating shelves from my overactive imagination conception to installation. Of course, while in engineering mode it was a cake walk. When it came to practical application, however, I decided to err on the side of caution (and not burn my house down) and resort to some slight field-modifications.

I can’t even explain it all to you – you’ll just have to see for yourself.

Now here is where a good DIY blogger would post the beautifully styled “after” photo.

But you’re on my blog so you know better.

I won’t even lie. I haven’t done a single thing to these puppies since we wrapped up filming. The metal tracks still need to be painted. There’s drywall patching and wall paint touch up to be done and then there are those boxes of books I put…somewhere. And besides, if I hadn’t just told you that stuff was left hanging you’d be none the wiser. That’s the real reality of blogging and the internet and tv on the whole.

What you don’t see in that video is Sonne saying I’m a natural and that I’ll be on her show some day. Maybe it would be cool to work on some designs or pitch in on a project behind the scenes but I curse a lot and seem to always have my tongue hanging out so don’t expect to ever see me on your tv screen.

Instead, I’ll hang out over here in the real world – with a garage full of furniture to paint, books to shelve and new friends to live vicariously through.


9 thoughts on “A Carpenter + A Designer = A DIY TV Show?

  1. Love your post. You'd be a natural Dee…quick witted, funny, entertaining and full of info! So long as that tongue of yours doesn't hang out like Miley's… I'd watch.

    • Oh my. You had to go there didn't you? Trust me, I look (and move) nothing like that girl (thankfully!) Thanks for the vote of confidence though I have no aspirations to be on tv. Esp after seeing one of those shows taped (new blog post teaser!)

  2. That's awesome Dee! For some reason, though, I'm not aw to pull up ur vids of Sonnie. I'll try figuring out. Keep at it all lady! Hugs from around the corner

    • No? You're missing the best parts! I'm sure it has to do with your video player. Now that your boys are back home I'm sure one of them can figure your electronic troubles out! 🙂

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