14 Jul

How to Dress Up Boring Flower Pots

stocking cap planter

When you live in a place that has cold weather 8 out of 12 months you spend a lot of time putting on and taking off layers of clothes. Your hall closets are overrun with jackets, boots, gloves and hats. Shades of grey monopolize the landscape so savvy clothing designers temper the chill with bright pops of color. Outerwear in pinks and greens and oranges tease Midwestern folk with notions of warmer weather to come. By mid-March, we are drunk on the idea of summertime and all but begging the weatherman to issue 95-degree daily temps without regard to the heat index.

knit hats

Once the warm weather hits, the clothes are thrown on the floor and outside we go. Since I’m about as lazy of a decorator as you’ll find, I’m not about to sweat the way my house looks for one season out of the year. Seriously, what’s the point when A) summer lasts all of 42 days and B) no one is inside to appreciate it anyhow? Exactly.

So when I came across a huge bin of brightly crocheted stocking caps at St. Vincent De Paul last winter I had a brilliant idea. Somewhere in my psyche it resonated that a kid’s head was about the same size as the average flower pot, give or take, so I grabbed a few and tossed them in the front closet. Yesterday, I pulled them out along with a few nondescript wicker planters and solid colored vases I had stashed away, too.

basic planters

In less time than it took to select a few hard-to-kill plants at the local garden center, I created warm-weather-friendly flower pot cozies. And while the fun pops of color are pretty, what makes them so great is they are intended for snow and rain so it’s totally okay to over water – the yarn will soak it right up! Plus, I don’t have to worry about scratching the top of my freshly painted bookcase.

plant cozies

If you’re handy with crochet hook and yarn you could whip them out yourself. Otherwise, check your local thrift store. Or, better yet, scope out your front hall closet – chances are you’ve already got a few laying around.

stocking cap planter

And seriously, aren’t they much cuter on my plants than some kid’s noggin? Speaking of needing some more color, where did I put that swimming suit…

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