23 Apr

On the front porch looking in

painted bench

I am so over cold weather. I realized the other day that my furnace has been kicking in consistently for over 6 months. Consecutively. It’s beyond ridiculous. Before Facebook, I wouldn’t have given much thought to the local weather but photos of folks frolicking in shorts and tanks gives me pause. It’s the end of April for crying out loud. I’m in multiple layers with the heater running and the weatherman just used the “S” word again. Why the heck do I willingly live in the Midwest?

I have no idea either.

Last week, I braved the cold and rain to run some errands and noticed a sign at the subdivision entrance announcing our upcoming neighborhood rummage sale. In preparation for the sale last May, I borrowed some tables and conduit (to hang clothes) from a friend. She had to stand on something to reach the poles up in the garage rafters and hopped up on the cutest bench I’ve ever seen.

painted bench

Can you believe she had this gem stashed in the far corner of her garage? And can you believe it was covered in dirt, cobwebs and sporting equipment? And can you believe she had no issues loading it into my car? And can you believe she gave it to me for free?

Yeah, I wouldn’t believe it either. Especially since this is what she was standing on and more than happy to offload:


You’ve seen these right? It’s part of a 4-piece set that was all the rage in the mid 90’s promising to give your kitchen a cozy feel. Or forcing you to sit entirely too close to other members of your immediate family depending how you look at it. My girlfriend’s family had one and it sucked if you had to pee and weren’t sitting on the far ends. Plus, they didn’t opt for the extra bench seat so we just sat there, single file, staring at the fridge as we ate.

Anyhow, I have no idea what became of the sister parts to this piece but my porch had to have the cast off. So I brought it home and pulled out my sander. Luckily, the piece was already falling apart and made flipping the back around a cinch.

sanded bench

After some glue and screws I prepared to paint. I knew that I wanted it to be green but needed to add pops of the deep orange on the front door and incorporate the cream trim color too. To keep it from resembling the Italian flag, I added a few other fun colors I had samples of lying around. Since some of the paint was meant for inside use only I slapped on a couple coats of protective sealant.

striped seat

When I reversed the back of the bench I traded in the recessed trim for pocket screw holes that needed to be covered up. A few wooden medallions did the trick. I painted them to coordinate with the stripes and glued them over the holes.

painted medallion

The seat top lifts up for storage so my dust broom and pan are kept handy. I also stashed a pair of pruning sheers and a garden hand shovel inside for quick access. Pieces that provide form and function are my favorite. Now, if Spring ever decides to be sprung around these parts, I’m ready.

painted bench

But until then I’ll bask in my toasty 70 degree living room, look out on to the front porch and dream of living elsewhere.

17 thoughts on “On the front porch looking in

  1. Wow you can't beat free! I love what you did with the bench. So happy and fun. Hope you get some pretty and warm weather soon. I'm so glad you joined us at Transformed Tuesday this week.


    Peggy~PJH Designs

  2. Dee, outstanding work on the bench! Nice find, better price, excellent finishing job!

    I'd love for you to post these kinds of blogs in my forum/site. Promote yourself for free!! I'd really like you to get involved & be a part of the site. Before I start soliciting advertisers (after we get a big member base) I want to promote (advertise) you! The price is right (free) & my favorite saying (well, one of them)…….If it's free, it's for me!

    Love your work!


    David Dall, ABC's Flea Market Flip & BIG fan of DeeConstructed.com! Can I have your autograph?

  3. This is very cool, Dee. I am featuring your bench (my sister-in-law had these benches at her kitchen table – I wanted them so bad but it didn't happen – it must have been terribly uncomfortable in retrospect). I'm also PINNING your bench. Have a great weekend. Linda

    • Linda my love – If I ever decide to re-home the bench you'll be the first one I contact! Thank you for your awesome support. Muah!

    • I'm not sure why the concept works well in diners but not in homes. I think the lack of a waitress might have something to do with it. 🙂

  4. This is so cute ! Again another item you saved and made it look great. Keep it up looking forward to your next item ..

  5. I have little patience for painting furniture, but your description of sitting single-file staring at the fridge while you eat has me crying. I miss the 90's.

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