25 Mar

Happy Monday from the Jersey Shore!

Pottery Barn Teen

Ok so I’m not *actually* in New Jersey but my awesomeness is!


Be sure to wander over and check out how I stuck it to Pottery Barn {to the tune of $300} with a Blue Bubble Dottie Style Tile Set knock-off.

A tip for your pinning pleasure:

PBT Knock Off

Last week, I shared a photo {on Facebook} from my never-ending-office-clean-up-project and asked for your opinions. Ya’ll chimed in with a big, fat “yes!” for positioning a bed in front of the window. So, that’s where she’s staying.

Office Sneak Peek

I’ve got big plans for covering that window if for no other reason than to pretend its Spring since it doesn’t seem old man winter’s moving on any time soon. Sigh. Why do I live in Wisconsin??

Last week, I snagged some great fabric for another project on that pesky ‘To Do’ list. I splurged and bought a bit more than I need just so I could find other uses for it. That orange is to die for and works quite well with the mini kitchen pantry I built.

chair fabric

And I put together a share-able reference for repurposing coffee and espresso grounds. Although, I purposely left one trick off the list and plan to feature it in a future DIY tute. It’s going to be…..{wait for it}

How to Recycle Coffee Grounds


AWESOME. Pinterest – watch out.

I hope you have a fantabulous week peeps! {and don’t forget to go check out my cameo appearance.}


8 thoughts on “Happy Monday from the Jersey Shore!

  1. I LOVELOVELOVE the fabric and can't wait to see what your crafty gene does with it! As for Creative Ways to Recycle Coffee Grounds- they make a great fertilizer in your garden! Just sprinkle on and water down.

    • Yeah, I know but everyone already *knows* that tip my love. And now I feel pressured to do something crazy fab w/that fabric. I was really just going to recover something already covered…..lame eh?

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