28 Oct

How To Apply Paste Wax

In a previous post about tinting your own wax I included a video demonstrating how I go about waxing up a piece when I’m close to calling it done. Shortly after that post went live, I received a request to provide a transcript for those of you with limited connectivity and resources. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I took some video screen shots and transcribed my yammering. Then, I went back and cleaned it up a bit because it is now quite apparent that I am totes classier in written form than verbal. So, don’t try to match this up to the live cut verbatim – you will notice a few discrepancies.

Again, this is just the fast & dirty way I get the wax job done ’round here. There are many ways to skin a cat so take it and make it your own.

Applying Wax Tutorial

I take a clean white cloth made of cotton or something that doesn’t drop off a lot of lint and some Mixwax Finishing Paste. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive. Any paste wax will do.

Applying Wax Step 1

Reach in and scoop some up into the cloth. You just need a small clump of it.

Applying Wax Step 2

Double up the cloth by rolling it once, then twice so you have two layers of it.

Applying Wax Step 3

Pinch it off to make a little ball with it. Then move over to the piece.

Applying Wax Step 4

This mirror has already been painted with Paint Minerals mixed with latex so technically its chalk painted. There are various types (of chalk paint) on the market or you can make your own.

Applying Wax Step 5

It’s got a chalky, dull finish and the wax is just going to seal it and spice it up a little bit.

Applying Wax Step 6

With your ball of wax, start rubbing in a circular motion all over the piece.

Applying Wax Step 7

You’ll see a sheen immediately deposited on to the wax. You can’t really get wax build-up because once you go back over to put more wax on you’re taking off whatever you have put down.

Applying Wax Step 8

Go through and rub the whole piece with wax. The wax starts to melt and gets kind of messy.

Applying Wax Step 9

Keep a clean rag handy and if necessary, fold your wax over a third time in the cotton rag.

Applying Wax Step 10

When you’re done, let it sit. I leave my projects to dry/cure overnight then come back the next day to buff the wax off.

Applying Wax Step 11

With a clean, cotton cloth apply medium pressure and polish the wood until you’ve removed any residual wax. If you put too much wax on to begin with, you’ll need to work a little harder to get the finished lustre you’re after. Next time, use less wax in your cloth. For super stubborn spots you can add a smidge of fresh wax and buff immediately to remove caked on wax.

If you were tardy to the party and missed the tute & vlog get caught up: DIY Dark Wax.

As always, if you need more info or want me to clarify you can always comment, send me an email or continue the conversation on the DeeConstructed Design Facebook page.

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