16 Jan

How to Remove Wood Furniture Plugs

After a 6-hour struggle to decipher those horrendously written and illustrated instructions you’ve finally got that piece of furniture-in-a-box put together. Now, the very last step is to tap in those mushroom shaped wood furniture plugs.

Done. You let out a sigh. And grab a beer. Victory is yours.

Fast forward three years. Either you have decided it needs to be refinished or be set on the curb for some other sucker. Either way, there’s a very good chance your handiwork will need to be undone.

Before going at them with screwdrivers and chisels, try this simple trick to dislodge furniture plugs easily and avoid damaging the surrounding wood.

(video link)

If you’re fabricating or rebuilding your own creation the guys over at Woodworking.com have a great tutorial for DIY furniture plugs (a drill press is required).

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