22 Aug

I’ve been on a 7 day diet and lost an entire week

Hot Pink Butterflies

I’ve been out in the garage trying to put a dent in all the crap I’ve acquired awesome pieces standing in line for make-overs. When I paint, I come up with all sorts of great ideas for posts and directions to take my business and blog but damned if I have the energy or time to put any of that into action after I’ve cleaned out my last paint brush.

Anyhow, here is Sonne’s recap (Episode 1 of 4 I’m told) of our first few days together. I hope you enjoy (and don’t laugh too much at my unshowered, unkemp, drunk ass). I’m nothing if not real people.


I’ll come through with the second part of the recap soon – for now check out what I’m working with…

Wooden Drawers

I bought these drawers simply for the knobs. Aren’t they sweet? I have big plans for these little guys – I promise.

Odd Side Tabl

I’m thinking this oddball side table will be perfect for my printer stand with books beneath – once it’s refinished in a palatable color of course. While it was a little more than I’d usually pay for a ReStore score I suppose since it was for charity it’s okay.

Shoe cubbies

…and since I can totally resell this curbside find for a few bucks that’ll help offset any retail remorse I may be feeling.

Brown Wood Framed Mirro

Speaking of what people put out on the curb, last night I came across this gem (and no, I haven’t unloaded it from the car yet).

Mirror Backing

Seriously, all the folks had to do was rip the paper off the back and reset the mirror and it would have been good as new. But no, they pitched it. What is wrong with people? Sheesh!

Repurposed Cabinet Door

Maybe I could take this guy over to them (after it’s finished with a cute saying or hooks) to fill up the wall space left vacant by the cast off mirror. Then I could give them a little talking to or see what else they are planning to pitch…

Spray Painted pretties

Just outside the garage door I’ve always got a huge pile of ‘in progress’ pieces. It proves difficult to navigate and serves as a great theft deterrent! These pieces rep the full range of goodies I create for the shop I sell out of. I may even finish them up and restock tomorrow – I have nothing but the best of intentions you see.

Painted plant table

I bet you’re wondering what this piece is huh? Isn’t it pretty? You’ll have to wait a while longer because this beauty deserves a post all her own.

Princess Dresser

And if you’ve been following along on Facebook you know this beast has been giving me plenty of trouble in the color department. After pinurple and burple, this is the final color – lavender. (and if you don’t agree, just keep it to yourself – I’m talking to you mouthy teenage child o’ mine).

Hot Pink Butterflies

It looked good against the hot pink butterflies anyhow…even if it wasn’t quite the color I was going for.

Large Oval Mirror Frame

And speaking of my kid – I totally brake checked him at 40 mph the other morning on our way to work (him, not me thank goodness) and made him grab this dandy out of someone’s trash.

I seriously have no idea why people toss out the treasures they do but I am sure grateful! Keep the roadside goods coming people – I still have plenty of room in the garage (no matter what Dave says).


6 thoughts on “I’ve been on a 7 day diet and lost an entire week

  1. Love the vid… looks like you two had fun and accomplished a ton! I can't wait to see what you do with all these finds…and yes, thankfully some people are too lazy to tear off some paper. ;D

    • I'm just as bad, the mirror has been sitting sans paper (and glue) in the garage since the day I posted it. Sigh. How hard would it be for me to add.some.glue.already???

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