05 Dec

Little Fish in a Big Sea

big little fish

If you know anything about the internet you know it’s chock full of people’s ideas. A Google search results in “about 312,000,000 results” for DIY ideas alone.


I don’t think I’ve had 312 DIY ideas in my lifetime much less 312 million of them. No wonder I feel incompetent when I surf Pinterest.

Before I started blogging I didn’t realize just how many folks had the same great idea but I quickly realized I was a tiny fish in a great big sea.

While a lot of bloggers have achieved financial success {lots of followers/eager advertisers} and do help little guys like me promote our blogs/project ideas by hosting ‘link parties’, it can be overwhelming trying to keep up with all of them. No kidding, there are probably 40-50 available to join daily!

{Insert obligatory blogroll.}

Don’t get me wrong. These parties are great ideas but it can be very time-consuming to pimp out your projects. If you don’t get discouraged being #362 on the link-up roster, you can easily get caught up in the ‘me, me, me~ness’ of it. Not to mention how easy it is to get sidetracked by all the cool projects being shared…which in turn adds to your wish list…pushing back the completion of your ‘in progress’ projects and makes you wonder where the last 2 days have gone. Ack! Stop the madness already!

SO I’m going to do something a little different.

A few weeks back I posted a notice to readers and friends and friends of readers asking them to share their project info – via email. Since I’m not a big time blogger, I thought it would be neat to introduce other ‘little fish’ here to help support their efforts. Most of the initial folks being featured are local and not beating down the blogger path (that I am aware of) so this is my way of giving back and sharing the stage with other talented people.

Plus, it totally buys me time to work on projects yet keep the blog updated. Win, win.

With Christmas just down the street it’s a great way for them to promote their products; for you to score one-of-a-kind gifts; for all of us to get some fresh DIY inspiration (that hasn’t been pimped all ovah the ‘net yet) and most importantly to truly support more of the little guys.

All of the featured posts will be logged under the Crafted Corner page so be sure to check it out. The first one is already up and more will be added asap!






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