25 Mar

Our Well Dressed Closet

Next month will mark our third anniversary in this house. That means that for nearly three years our master closet has looked pretty much like this:

closet photos

Now, in some homes this walk-in closet (measuring 7′ x 8′) could be considered the 4th bedroom. And for some women sharing it with their husband would be a deal breaker. Since I don’t have to get dressed daily (which keeps my side super clean and organized) this space wasn’t high on my To Do List. But after finishing the master bathroom renovation, I decided it was time to address this eyesore.

The first thing to go were those tacky, builder-grade wire shelves. In their place went wooden dowels stained and painted to resemble industrial plumbing pipe.

install closet rod

My friend Katie rocked a cool DIY project using the real deal but after pricing it out for our space, I couldn’t justify dropping so much cash on a room I hardly use. And to be fair, even when Dave hangs out in here he’s half asleep, maneuvering via cell phone spotlight. So yeah, faux industrial rods were the way to go.

But I did find a way to work some heavy metal into the design.

I picked up this funky little wooden cabinet from Goodwill a while back. Inside was a corner bracket and five swing arms. I added some bracing to the wall and installed the upcycled tie rack in the corner (p.s. I got in trouble for undoing Dave’s ties to take this photo. Whoops!)

repurposed hardsware

Several residences ago I decided I had to have these 7′ bookcases. I loved them and spent way more than I’m willing to admit to call them my own. The problem was I never quite figured out how to stage them and they became the thorn in my side (and a catch-all for all things crap). But every time I moved I lugged them along. One night I was surfing the ‘net and came across some celebrity’s dressing room closet. While commenting on the utter absurdity of anyone needing floor to ceiling shelving for their clothes I had my AHA moment. In 15 minutes flat I had those puppies cleaned off and ready for Dave to help cart them from the office into the closet.

One of the skinny side pieces fit snug enough against the wall that the dresser drawers could clear it and helped brace a couple more clothing rods. The shelves are laminate and I scored them for $3.00 in the damaged wood bin at Menards. They match the bookcases perfectly. A little spray paint tied in the metal rod supports. Standard wall pocket supports screwed in to the pole ends finished off the built-in look I was going for.

clothing rods

Of course I had to use a step stool to get the clothes loaded in. There’s just enough space between the end of Dave’s dresser for the three dresses I own to hang.

master closet organization

And enough space below my summer shirts for a couple of bins of ‘unmentionables’.

closet storage ideas

Over on the other side of the room are the rest of the bookcases where our jeans and my insane collection of sweatshirts live. Side story: Dave skis. I don’t. So, when he hits the slopes he brings me back a sweatshirt. Obviously, that man takes entirely too many vacations. {smile} No seriously, if he didn’t I would never get these projects done!

bookcases for clothes

Speaking of, this small plot of blank wall space is my next victim. Any guesses what I’ve got in mind??

diy mirror

If you follow along on Facebook, you’ll remember that I shot out a teaser the other day of pieces I used to construct my new shoe rack.

master closet makeover

But if you don’t that’s okay. I’ll get that tutorial up soon enough. For now, let’s just gaze at the awesomeness that is my new favorite room…

big walk in closet

…knowing I’ve got a solid two years left to enjoy it (and plenty of room for more sweatshirts).

8 thoughts on “Our Well Dressed Closet

  1. Looks awesome, Dee!! My closet wasn't too expensive (compared to those closet organizers you buy in stores or online), but definitely more than plastic and thrifted pieces. If I had HALF the patience you have for thrifting, I would've gone the same route — that looks better than those super expensive, pre-built "wood" organizers!

    • What's plastic in here? And nothing was thrifted. Should I go back & add a material list with costs? The primary reason the plumbing pipe was so pricey was that I don't have Home Depot in town to cut it down to size {Lowes & Menards won't}. I'd have had to buy the exact individual lengths and those add up. Aside from having these bookcases already, this project cost $25. And I had rebate $ so technically it was free!

      • My bad!! I skimmed and was thinking the rods were plastic, but they're wood! I read the cabinet was from Goodwill (thrifted?), and I mis-read that the bookshelves were a lucky discovery, too. But now that I see they were purchased for a previous home, THAT explains why they look so gorgeous! 🙂 (Trust me — nothing snarky was intended by my comment. I'm in awe of how you manage to do these things so inexpensively. If I attempted the same thing, I'd still probably spend 10x as much and take an extra year to finish it. I'm just not good at being thrifty!)

        • The cabinet I mentioned isn't in here. It's going in the bathroom. I just pulled the tie caddy from it to install in here. If I hadn't done my homework those rods could have been $35 a pop. But there are these things called dowels over in woodworking for $7. Amazing {and genius} huh? And shame on you for skimming. :}

  2. It looks AWESOME! As a neat freak I can tell u two more things that will make it even more AWESOME (one being a great thing once u get in the habit) and that is ALL my hangers match. This gives the display uniform. Think how neat all the displays are in the cool mall stores. Then there's the other that has to become habit to work and that's color coordinating ! THIS IS A TUFF ONE WHEN U SHARE SPACE WITH HUBS! Geeez I should know. But it makes it easy to find what u have in mind and pull outfits together. I ONLY WISHED I had room in my closet like this! I have closet envy!!!!!
    Love to follow ya! Keep up the AWESOMENESS!

    • My clothes are color coordinated {that's how I know I have entirely too many black tshirts}. The closest I can get Dave's {since he wears them and all} is sorted by shirt type. Besides his are all patterns w/multiple colors. I'm too cheap to swap out hangers {but I could spray paint them!} So that'll just have to be something that stays on my Pinterest wish list. :}

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