19 Nov

More Ideas Than Time

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Sometime yesterday in between coats of paint on GPG’s man-land (this reveal is coming!) I was struck with a fantastic idea for today’s post. It was witty and creative; fun but not overdone. Sometime between then and now I completely forgot whatever that grand notion was – I really need to start writing things down.

I was the queen of organization when I was running my own office. Folks used to comment on how (anal-retentively) organized my files, samples, submittals, etc. were. Not only did everything have a place, everything was in its place. It was a very efficient spot to spend upwards of 12 hours daily and I was on top of it all.

My house? Notsomuch.

I have stacks and piles and pieces of papers everywhere. And it’s not limited to my home office. The insanity spills out on into the living room and most of it ends up on the dining room table. And there. it. sits.

Forever. I bet you can already guess what is #1 on my New Year’s Resolution list. (If you guessed “Buy more paint” you’d be right. Can you ever have too much paint?? Me thinks not.)


Anyhow, I blame the clutter factor on an open concept floor plan. I don’t know when this phenomenon started or who’s idea it was to have every single room flow right into the next but the lack of walls breeds chaos in my opinion. The crap has no boundaries. There are no limits and so it just keeps E X P A N D I N G. It certainly doesn’t help that I have more ideas than time (I even made a sign saying so – see it on the table?) and tend to occupy the house nearly all 24 hours of the day – mostly awake – generating more mess. Plus, we live in a ranch. Those of you who have the ability to stash the fruits of your labor upstairs will understand my plight. All of my junk is on the same level.

It seems like every time I turn on HGTV another property virgin is complaining about the lack of ‘openness’ wondering how she can prepare a fabulous meal whilst being closed off from her umpteen guests. And she “just can’t imagine not being able to watch little MariLou playing in the other room” (right outside the doorway). Now, correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t millions of women successfully raise children without having one eye on them at every single moment? And isn’t there a reason the kitchen is completely closed off in every fine dining establishment in the Western world?

I want personal space. I don’t want folks (or kids or critters) in my kitchen when I’m whipping up a decadent feast (i.e., scooping something store-bought onto serving plates) or downing a glass of wine to maintain an award-winning personality. (I kid, I kid – that comes naturally.) I have a ‘One Person in the Kitchen’ Rule. I believe the less witnesses to the crime the better. I would love to have four walls and a door separating me from the guests.

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, I’m lucky to not host guests for dinner. So I don’t have to hurry up and clear off my dining room table. The mess can sit as I get my grub on elsewhere. Yet, it’s not turkey and potatoes I’m craving. I am hungry for organization.

To feed  my creativity, I think I need to conquer the sprawl and box myself back into a pretty 12 x 12 space. Fill up on efficiency and then maybe I’ll have better luck at composing brilliant blogs.

At a minimum, I *might* be able to find my darn To Do list.

Thanks for checking in and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

How do you conquer clutter and keep track of everything? There is a psychology behind the stack, pile or file methods. Check it out here.

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