13 Nov

My Succotash Wish

A few nights ago my 14 year old rode along to my designated ‘drop spot’ and as we waited I pulled up an old song that had been running through my mind since the day I launched the blog. Have you ever had an earworm? I can’t shake them until I hear the song and I figured I had a few minutes to kill.

The look on that kid’s face as he watched my phone’s screen in adolescent horror was priceless. I didn’t get a pic of it though so here’s the video instead.

About 30 seconds in he gasped “What IS that?” as I totally rocked out to the song, right there in the gas station parking lot. I attempted to explain but how exactly do you explain Dee-Groovy? Some things just get lost in translation.

Anyhow, the girl I was meeting pulled up and rescued the boy from further sensory torture. We gave each other that “is that you? ’cause it’s me” look & hopped out of our cars. Less than a minute later I was headed home – down some unwanted dust catcher and up $20 big ones.

Since I left the rat race last December, I have had lots of time on my hands. I also have parents who live in Mayberry with little access to most modern day conveniences I take for granted ~ like HobLob. (I would die, seriously.) So during one of our marathon phone convos Mom mentioned needing some stands and wanted “something cute like a high chair or buggy” for the creepy little dolls she makes. She wanted accessories but she wanted them cheap.

Aside from the usual craft store suspects, I figured I could hit the local thrifts for her. Then, I remembered someone adding me to some online garage sale group within Facebook and clicked to see what I could find.

OH. BOY. the things I found. Do you know about this crack-laden lair within FB?

Apparently, there are upwards of 50 groups here locally where women (and a few men) buy and sell and buy and sell their unwanted things all day long. It took about 15 seconds to find a miniature Red Flyer wagon and make arrangements to drop $2.00 on it (hi Elisha!). Then I came across a wicker buggy Mom would love – for a buck!

Six hours later not a darn thing had gotten done in the house but I had plans to meet up with a handful of chicas to pawn off my goods. FOR CASH. SERIOUSLY? Yes. Seriously.

All summer long as I worked through my mile-long “To Do” list I funded projects with online garage sale earnings. The deal was I could not buy something new unless I sold something old, that way I wasn’t taking money out of the household to fund my addiction craft. At the same time I was offloading unwanted crap. Not only was it a brilliant two-fer, it proved profitable enough to invest in this website.

I suppose that means this entire venture was supported and funded by my local community.

One benefit I hadn’t anticipated from the multitude of plastic bins overtaking the living room was meeting so many wonderful women through the groups. Many have become great friends and shown genuine interest in my design ability. Quite a few of them may be reading this right now and should recognize their castoffs in project “Before” photos. So to them I say “thank you”.

Yesterday, as I caught up with members of my new blogging community I basked in the whipped cream yumminess of a vanilla latte {that I had not spent $4.00 on}.

In true DIY style, I concocted my creative juice with a machine I’d scored for $50 within the group.

While I am sad to say I may have a hand in a barista or two on the unemployment line, a $3.50/cup savings means more cha-ching for decor bling.

Last night, I sold my first professional piece (posted for sale in the group) and it was exhilarating.


Here are a few other items that have changed hands and gotten make-overs (see yours Carri Ann?):

It’s for certain – the DIY groove is in my heart and it’s awesomely Dee-lightful to share it with you all.


3 thoughts on “My Succotash Wish

    • Depends where you're located Shelbi – they seem to be all over and not just in the US. Search FB for your city or county and add "online, rummage, garage, buy, sell" as keywords & see what you find! 🙂

  1. Deanna~This is beautiful and a true testament to who you really are!

    I am grateful to know you, to have you in my life and grateful you have your niche in this!

    Keep making beautiful things!

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