12 Oct

The Customer (and Mama) Is Always Right

I’m hanging out on my folk’s couch after a 12-hour session with my mom’s $1.00 auction score whom I have affectionately named Jane.

Oh, I’m writing this post via smartphone so cut me some slack. It’s too dark to work anymore tonight and I’m too scurvy to head up to the bar. So, instead I blog.

You’re welcome.

Anyhow, it’s been almost a year since I made the 2-hour+ trek west. When my mom finally agreed to let me paint something wooden I packed up my tools & paintbrushes and headed out.

water damage

What I didn’t know, though, was that her wardrobe had previously lived in a soggy basement. I didn’t realize this little town had such an extensive builder’s supply either. Pairing the two, I managed to replace the moldy, rotted maple sheets with new wood.

water damage

water damage

water damage

The sweet guy at FS even cut them for me. I spent the afternoon reinforcing joints, gluing down wayward veneer and prepping the existing wood for paint.

water damage

Then, I painted. For hours. I skipped lunch {and got yelled at} and was late for dinner. How do you explain to your mom that you just can’t stop mid-stroke because gas-station-made pizza arrives?

…by eating it cold & liking it apparently. You know why my kid likes to come here? “Because you’re the only one who is allowed to yell at my mom” he tells his grandmother. Nice.

So, like a good girl I’m camped out on the couch, watching the 10:00 news and waiting for morning to get back to work on Jane.

water damage

I kinda feel like I’m grounded. I’m just not sure which part is my punishment. [The finished piece can be found here.]

3 thoughts on “The Customer (and Mama) Is Always Right

  1. 1) I have really missed your posts, so thank you. 2) I had a piece exactly like this, which I painted, and have since sold at a garage sale (like you care), and 3) whenever I hear my mom say 'Cheryl Ann' I know I'm in trouble so I feel your pain. Parents….

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