07 Mar

A Portable Pantry ~ Fruit & Veggie Furniture

upcycled pantry

The other night the kid and I were camped out in front of the tv with a frozen pizza baking in the oven. I was in full-on ‘bad babysitter’ mode since the hubs was out of town. I caught a whiff of onion-y goodness and headed into the kitchen.

And as I rounded the couch I saw this guy…

Mr. Lou

…with an onion in his mouth. Chewing right through the brown skin this dude tightened his grip on that sucker as I yelled and tried to unhinge his jaws from around it. Who eats a 1/3 of a raw onion and wants more? Maybe he thought it was part of his new raw diet. {shrug}

Now, you might be wondering where my criminal canine got his paws on an onion. And if you know me well enough you’re probably surprised I had an onion on hand fresh enough to eat raw. Well, remember when I told you I flip-flopped the locations for my plastic ware and canned goods? I had mentioned that I had no place to store my fruits and veggies.

What I did have, though, was this nifty wooden contraption that I’d bartered for some painted cement planters over the summer. {Were you aware of my mad spray paint skills?}

wooden side table

And I figured that the hinged box top would make a useful storage space but that base had to go. Anytime I come across spindles or table legs at a decent price I pick them up. Using some from the stash, I drilled and screwed the legs into left over wood from my front porch column redo. I never pitched the quarter round I’d removed from the living room when I installed the wainscot wall treatment and sometimes my hoardering ways prove beneficial. That’s what I used to trim out underneath the box and along the bottom shelf. A scrap piece of 1″ x 2″ went on the center shelf before the whole piece got primed.

primed pantry

The feet are simple wooden balls that I pulled off of someone’s discarded curtain rods. {This is why my garage looks the way it does. I swear everything will get used eventually – or there will be one heck of a sale when I die.}

At first I thought the piece would look awesome in a shade of green but baby poop wasn’t exactly what I had in mind so I had to go with my second choice. It’s a good thing Ace believes in giving away free paint and it’s pretty much the only reason I’ll get up early on a Saturday morning. {psst they’re giving some away this weekend}.

wax on

I had them whip up a shade of orange that pulled out the terra-cotta in the backsplash and followed up with some dark wax. Did you know orange was the happiest color? Well according to Old Blue Eyes it is anyhow…

finished top

And I have to agree! That gorgeous humongo handle was an online garage sale score and it matches the ceramic tile listello perfectly as is. I spray painted the hinges in ORB to match. Hiding under that top is a carb junky’s treasure trove of goodies.

bread box

The only pieces of Tupperware not hanging out in the pantry are the potato bucket and garlic keeper on the second shelf. When I unloaded the latest batch of groceries I tossed a yellow onion on that shelf too. Which is, apparently, at perfect snatch level for a french bulldog. Duly noted.

Munching on my slice of pizza, I lectured Mr. Lou on puppy approved fruits and veggies. At least I’m a good dog mom.

upcycled pantry

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19 thoughts on “A Portable Pantry ~ Fruit & Veggie Furniture

  1. Red-orange is one of my most loved colors hands down, and any kind of cabinet or storage with lift up tops attract me like a magnet.

  2. LOL! My dogs won't even eat a small piece of onion! Talking about a transformation! This piece is awesome and I love the color. Thanks for joining us this week at Transformed Tuesday.


    Peggy~PJH Designs

    • Apparently onions aren't good for dogs Peggy! (What would we do without Google??) I'm so glad people love the color. Maybe I need to do more orange things to sell off this summer! 🙂

    • Kim you rock! Thank you so much. And I'm so glad everyone is loving that orange. I've found awesome fabric to tie in on the dining table that has more of it!

  3. You really are talented. I LOVE the color, LOVE the use, LOVE LOVE LOVE the 'humongo handle' maybe best of all. Your house must be amazing- and your bank account even better (half price paint!).

  4. This turned out amazing! And I need to start watching out for spindle legs. I have some end tables that are way too short and I want to raise them up to the height of the sofa arms. Such a nice piece. And what is your pooch thinking munching on raw onion!?!?

    • I want to know why his eyes weren't watering! Consider using legs from other tables too or stacking shorter spindles on top of each other (maybe with round balls in between) to build your own legs. You can also cut down dining room table legs so they are the perfect height.

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