03 Jun

Let’s Get Ready to R-R-R-R-umble

Remember when I told you HGTV invited me to be on Flea Market Flip? Remember how excited I was to have this little blog be ‘discovered’? Remember when you thought “she would be perfect for that show!”? Remember when I filled out all the casting paperwork and came to the part about living in the CT/NY area? Remember when I left my homegirl, Evey, hanging and we assumed our big pickin’ dreams had gone up in smoke?

Well have we got some news for you!

See, about 3 minutes after my tears dried she and I got to chatting about how we don’t have to be on cable to participate in a flip challenge. I mean, sure no one is going to fork over a ton of money when we outsell the competition or follow us around with cameras and mics asking about our design strategy. But we do have these blogs and awesome readers and, well, that got our wheels spinning. After much wine and some creative planning we are excited to bring you…

Rehash That Trash

Here’s the skinny on how it’s going down. Instead of two teams, we are going to put our skills where our grills are and face off head-to-head on (3) DIY projects. Each week, we’ll post both project reveals on our blogs and leave it up to ya’ll to decide who gets the ultimate trash talking rights.

The Contestants

Evey headshot       ~vs~       Dee headshot

The Trash List


The Schedule

* June 10 – Project 1 Reveal
* June 17 – Project 2 Reveal
* June 24 – Project 3 Reveal
* July 1 – Winner Reveal

The Fans

There are a bunch of ways for you to join in the fun. First, follow along on social media for ‘in progress’ photos, to offer comments/suggestions or chime in for moral support. Second, join the challenge by linking up your ‘trash list’ project too (via blog link, social media link, direct photo, etc.). Lastly, VOTE! You’ll pick who wins. Following each project reveal you’ll leave a comment and tell us which is your favorite piece. Before the next reveal post the votes will be tallied by an independent party (or one of our husbands or something official like that). After all projects are revealed a final tally of post comments will determine the winner!

Here is how to find us around the web:

         Evey: Instagram / Twitter / Facebook   DeeInstagram / Twitter / Facebook

Remember, since the votes are based on reader voting any amount of sweet talking, blackmailing and/or coaxing of our friends and family is fair game!

The Stakes

The loser first runner up will pick up the tab for dinner and drinks at the restaurant of the Winner’s choosing. The Winner will receive the coveted honor of right-of-first-refusal for any and all photos taken/posted online for the entire night. Both contestants walk away with awesome memories and three – count ’em THREE – completed projects. That’s already a win in my book.

Now, I’ve got to figure out what trash translates to treasure so I’m not left footing the bill for this chick’s sweet tooth (read: wine) or be at her Instagram’ing mercy. Remember to check back & vote!

15 thoughts on “Let’s Get Ready to R-R-R-R-umble

  1. I love your blog redo! Oh, and I'm loving the reuse trash thing. I've been all about that this Spring and having SO MUCH FUN! I'm joining in.

  2. Sounds awesome! I have a little weekly series on my blog called Trashtastic Tuesday and I take thrifted items and transform them too! I will be following along! Thanks!

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