06 Jun

Small Desk, Big Color

painted desk

I’m convinced that if I could get my office pulled together the rest of my house would, once and for all, stay clean. Now, it isn’t dirty in a half-eaten-plate-of-food-sitting-on-the-counter sort of way but every horizontal surface in the main living area is obscured by a pile of crap that should go in my office.

The problem has always been finding the right desk.

I thought I had done so a few months ago after responding to a local online ad. But when I went to pick the desk up, I remembered why measurements are important and photo cropping is a bad idea.

small wooden desk

Can you tell just how small this desk is? That’s a kindergarten chair off to the right (which I’ve been known to use while painting). Not only was the desk smaller than I had anticipated, the drawers didn’t fit so into the project pile it went and my search continued.

When my neighbor asked if I had a kid’s desk in stock I knew it was the perfect size for her 6-year-old son.

prime desk

So it got the typical sanded top and primed base treatment before being painted with a semi-gloss blue paint.

painted desk

That I absolutely hated. I really should have known better. Semi-gloss paint is very unforgiving and I have a tendency to over-brush. It wasn’t so bad on the chair and drawer fronts after toning them down with a bit of glaze, but the desk side panels excited my ulcers. I whined about it on Facebook a couple of times before engaging the paint stripper and a razor blade. Good times I tell ya.

Once it was back to bare wood, I mixed up some flat blue paint with Paint Minerals and repainted the desk base.

painted desk

After two coats I was back in business. But then I decided to make some last-minute design changes.

It’s a good thing I’ve already done a few pieces for this neighbor – she wasn’t surprised that I tacked on a few more hours (after telling her the desk was done) because of a great idea I’d had. It’s always nice when clients trust your instincts and work with your insanity creativity.

painted desk

I decided that I wasn’t a fan of the decorative trim pieces under the drawers so I removed them and had to do some touch-up.

drawer hardware

The wooden corner accents, originally under the seat front on the chair, were relocated to a more prominent location and I flipped the drawer pulls around after staining the ‘grips’ to match the desktop.

painted desk

I figured a kid was more likely to use a finger-over approach to open the drawers anyhow. Plus, it looked better this way. Some slight distressing accentuated the glazed drawer fronts and the stained seat pulled it all together.

painted desk

But my favorite part might have been the pull-out secretary return.

painted desk

painted desk

…or knowing that little boy has the perfect spot for all of his crap.

painted desk

Someday I’ll know what that feels like.

painted desk

11 thoughts on “Small Desk, Big Color

  1. I have a similar desk and I've been looking for inspiration. This is just perfect. Not sure blue is my colour but a heritage green would be perfect for me. Thanks for sharing and linking up at Agent Mystery Case for our Worth Casing blog of the month. Winner and July Linkup now open.

  2. I think this project turned out very well. The color is great!!!
    Thanks for stopping by Weekends Are Fun, I have pinned your before and after photo to our Weekend Party Board.
    Have a great weekend

    • The size made it perfect for the color. There’s no way it’s going to ‘grow’ with him which allowed me to go super kid color.

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