08 May

Smell the flowers: An exercise in patience

bridal bouquet

Yesterday, I decided to do something with the bushel of flowers laying on the dining room table. When I saw them at the hardware store, I broke my ‘no retail’ decorating rule and scooped them up. They were clearanced out at 75% so I justified tossing them into the cart. That was over a month ago. And while I have been down with the sick lately that’s not why I was slacking. I picked up the perfect vase at Goodwill (for $0.99!) a few weeks back and my plan was to put them up on the fireplace mantle. Remember that disaster? Well it made a killer comeback from the infamous chalk paint fail so what the heck was I waiting for?

Truth is, I was scared.

I had never attempted to put together a floral arrangement from start to finish. Sure, I’ve doctored up half-assed faux flower jobs, pruning and shaping them to my liking. I even got crafty and swapped out the rose heads in my wedding bouquet after my online order wasn’t quite as described.

bridal bouquet

Annuals and perennials don’t intimidate me in the least but something about these delicate wood-stemmed, styrofoam buds made me sweat. So, I did what any grown woman would do and avoided them. But yesterday I got brave. Camped out on the living room floor, half listening to Wendy dish the Hollywood gossip I cut all the individual stems down. Then, I cut them in half doubling the amount of flowers I had to work with. The vase had a bit of residual foam and newspaper from it’s previous owner so I worked with that. I plugged along sticking and poking until I had this beauty as the first pass.

DIY Flowers – Take 1

flowers take 1

Not bad right?? I was so excited I immediately uploaded it to Facebook for the world to see. Deb, a friend of mine from blogland (though, next month I get to meet her in real life!) offered up some tips to make my awesome arrangement even better. I debated for a bit before sucking up my pride and completely disassembling my masterpiece.

Now, normally I don’t take instruction well. And, truth be told I’m not one to care what other people think especially when it comes to something I’ve created for my own purposes. It could have had something to do with the ego strokes that preceded her constructive critiques but probably not. We already know what happens when I try to follow directions so the only obvious conclusion to make from all this hooha is that I was overmedicated and high. I mean, why else would I be trying to produce a frou-frou floral arrangement in the first place? Exactly.

For the sake of time I’ll link out to her informal instructions and resort to a photo of my second {failed} attempt.

DIY Flowers – Take 2

flowers take 2

Okay. So this was proving harder than I planned. I blamed my discontent on bad photos and poor lighting and called it a night. But today, I was right back at it determined to get this damn thing right. And, while I don’t think I played by Deb’s official flower arranging rules I’m pretty happy with the final result. I’m happy enough to be done anyway.

DIY Flowers: Final Cut

final cut

I’m entirely too exhausted to care much about how the rest of the mantle looks so it will just have to do for now.

full mantle

But before you tell me how great it looks and how proud (some of you – Evey) are of me for branching out (see what I did there?) and playing with more than power tools let me show you what it *really* looks like.

Real Life: Take 3,783,401

Fireplace Mess

I think it’s a safe bet that since I DIY’ed my own flower bouquet the kid and hubs can get by with a card and a cold case of beer this Sunday. I’m going to need it. Happy Mother’s Day! {check out how Deb’s decorating for the holiday!}

11 thoughts on “Smell the flowers: An exercise in patience

  1. I loathe horizontal surfaces for sure. This exercise did me in for a while. I have some of those flowers left over but no desire to mess with them anytime soon.

  2. I took a flower arranging class when I was in high school. Yep! And your arrangements are fly! I honestly don't remember anything I learned in that class…hmmm…should have paid better attention. I do love the all white flowers and that darling bargain vase you found. And that mess certainly does look familiar 🙂

  3. Bwahaha that last picture cracks me up. THAT'S more like it. The final arrangement is gorgeous, but honestly – I thought the first one was really nice in an imperfect sort of way. 🙂

    • That's real life my friend. I liked the first one too but was too tired/lazy/frustrated/drunk to try to revert back. Sometimes I really need an undo button for life.

  4. LOL you did a wonderful job with your flowers and I love that vase. Too cute. Your mantel looks great Thanks so much for sharing this week at Transformed Tuesday.


    Peggy~PJH Designs

  5. hahahahaa! dude. what the heck is going on in that last pic?! 🙂 good job on that mantel, though! LOVE the pun. 🙂 I'm corny like that.



  6. Aw, girlfriend, you ROCKED IT! I love your wit and your sense of 'ah, heck YES I can do this!' combined with that self-deprecating humor we all know and love. Your mantel 'reality' shot just made every project blogger smile a mile wide!! Great job, kudos to you for not only TRYING a new thing but bravely posting about it online… and I offer you my gratitude for the links to my HOMEWARDfound blog.

    …and just so you know, I am probably the ONLY person who actually DOES follow my own advice to pull petals off of fake flowers and put them next to the vase for a 'realistic' touch. I'm insane that way 😉

    • If it were up to me this would have been a one & done job but you pushed me to do it again and again! I'm not sure if I should thank you or make you pick up the tab for a pricey lunch next month. 🙂

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