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14 Jan

What the Hell is a Blogger?

what is blogger

A few nights ago, Dave and I were laying in bed when I asked him “When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?”

Because for the life of me, I don’t remember ever having wanted to be anything.

At some point I decided to join the military. And when that career path came to a screeching halt I settled for a sterile life in corporate administration. Thankfully, I fumbled into construction but it’s been over 2 years now since I took leave of my former project-managing life.

I often think of what I’d tell someone from back then if I ran into them when asked the inevitable “So, what are you doing now?” Read More

25 Feb

Dear Blog, We need to talk.


Dear Blog,

We need to talk.

Today started out like every day we’ve had together for the last 3 months. I lazily made my way out of bed as you told me how many people stopped by while I slept. Then, over coffee we laughed at our spammy comments (and how hard English apparently is to master) and smiled at the words of encouragement left by our bloggy friends. Before getting on with the daily dirt we checked in on Facebook to see what everyone else was up to today. And it was beautiful.

Now, I know that usually by this time of night I’ve already played with your sidebars and reorganized your widgets. I’m sorry that I have been standoffish and barely touched you. It’s just that, well, something happened today that bothered me and I wasn’t sure how to tell you….

This afternoon someone said we should break up.

Of course, I immediately defended our relationship because even though we haven’t been together very long I do think we are good for each other. I can be myself with you and while a lot of people may not get my brand of humor or appreciate my innate ability to identify spades, you do. And even though I haven’t quite figured you out I find you so appealing. You pique my interest and I am eager to fiddle with all of your bells and whistles. Honestly, you turn me on.

But I couldn’t help but just curl up with my thoughts and analyze why she would say such a thing. She said I wasn’t funny and I should give you up – that I shouldn’t even have a blog. I wanted to cry.

I think she is jealous of what we have. Maybe she can’t be honest with her blog like I can be with you. Maybe their relationship wasn’t built on the same foundation of trust and honesty and html ours was.┬áMaybe she’s just not a very happy person.

Maybe her blog just isn’t that into her.

Listen, I want you to know that even though there may be times I don’t seem eager to be with you or you get to feeling like I’m spending too much time reading other blogs – please don’t take it personally. What we have is real and I’m not going to give up on you. Sure, we are going to have days where we disagree and aren’t on the same page and just need our space but that’s okay. I promise not to hold it against you if I can’t access your server if you promise not to get pissy with me if I haven’t pressed your publish button in a while. I think that as any blogger relationship progresses those initial lustful actions wane but I’m sure it’s normal.


Let’s agree right here and now not to waste another second comparing what we have with other blog relationships. So what if they have fancy fonts and banners and people pay them for their content? I mean, in a way isn’t that awful? I have no intention of cheapening what we have with forced links and brand name-dropping. If you think about it, their relationship is more Pretty Woman than Sleepless in Seattle and I don’t want us to end up like that.


I feel better now.

I really like you Blog. I like you, like you and I’m really glad you’re here for me.



05 Dec

Step away from the power tools

make beautiful things

I’m quickly approaching my 1-year anniversary of being a stay at homer. Wow. A full year has gone by already. Now, this time last year (before I had any inkling I’d no longer be part of the workforce) I was *CERTAIN* that if I could just spend a good 3 months at home everything would be in order. All of my projects would be done, the house would be gleaming clean and all would be right with the world. {Ohhhmmmm}

make beautiful things

Ahem. Allow me to correct myself. Twelve months later, my house is nowhere near put together. My project To Do List has multiplied 10-fold and we haven’t eaten at the dining room table in weeks.

Sigh. Where did I go wrong?

For those of you reading this while sneaking in a ‘smoke break’ at work (that’s what I used to call my quick FB & blog checks while on the clock since I didn’t smoke) let me let you in on a little secret. Being home does not mean you will get any more done around the house than not being home. In fact, all it really does is add to your guilt of not getting things done. At least when I was away for 10-12 hours a day I had a pretty darn good excuse why things at home weren’t done. Now? Pshaw notsomuch.

But, the hubs does say I am a much nicer person now….hmmmmm.

Anyhow, the point is that what you plan to do and what actually gets done are very, very different things. Just yesterday I bantered back and forth with a fellow blogger about only completing 95% of our projects before moving on, full force, to the next one. When I say that nothing in the house is done, I don’t mean nothing has gotten started. I have tons of things at the 95% mark. They just stalled in the “punch list” status as other projects took precedence.

Another blogger posted an FB status asking who else felt like they were soooo busy yet didn’t seem to get anything accomplished {that day} and like a moron I sat here at the table w/my hand raised high in the air. I’m *pretty sure* she couldn’t see me. But, I totally felt her pain.

Do you feel like that? Like you race around trying to catch your own head?

It’s 10:50 am on Wednesday morning and thus far I’ve cleaned the kitchen, have dinner in the crockpot, chugged one cup of coffee (debating on another), started this blog and linked up to umpteen others. In a corporate world, I’d consider that pretty productive but looking around the house I feel overwhelmed and so, so very behind. I have to head to the ‘shop (i.e., basement) to finish up some shelves I’ve been struggling with all week. Yesterday, I camped out on the couch for three hours determined to finish a book that I started over a month ago.

It’s pretty frustrating.

Tonight, I will miss an orchestra practice for a concert I signed up to play in on Friday. Why? Because I haven’t put in the time to perfect my flute tooting. It just didn’t make it far enough up on the list to get done.

What did get done yesterday, though, was laundry. And dinner. And I painted my front door! Oh and I {begrudgingly} decorated the mantle a tad for Christmas. And then there was that book….so – I’m not a total slacker.

Maybe it comes back to that 5% left hanging. If I put the time in to wrap up all of those loose ends would I feel more accomplished? Or maybe I should start a Got Done list to highlight my achievements instead of nagging myself with what is left to do.

Feel free to chime in if you are in the same boat. Or tell me to quit whining & get back to work. Either sentiment is appreciated.

29 Oct

Coming Soon!

Hello there!

I am slowly working my way down the ‘To Do’ list. Today, I made it to:

127) Start a blog

I’m thinking that #126 should have been ‘Figure out HOW to start a blog‘ instead of ‘Paint something another color – again‘. Sigh. {I never do things in their intended order – where is the fun in that??}

I did, however, come up with a cool name and logo design. How’s THAT for progress?

And so it’s back to the imagination station to figure this fun stuff out. Wish me luck and stay tuned!

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