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17 Feb

Prep for Tile Flooring

Prep floor for tile

Once upon a time there was an ugly linoleum floor.

Long, long ago in a bathroom far away…

Hickory dickory door,
I hate my linoleum floor.
Backer board down,
Trowel around,
Crap vinyl I’ll see no more.

I might have sniffed a bit too much pipe dope working on the leaky sink. Or maybe I’ve spent too much time confined to this 10′ x 10′ space. I’m starting to lose my mind. Good thing my sense of humor is in tact.

Continuing my pursuit of a ‘Property Virgin Approved’ master bathroom, I got to work prepping Read More

28 Oct

How To Apply Paste Wax

Apply Wax Button

In a previous post about tinting your own wax I included a video demonstrating how I go about waxing up a piece when I’m close to calling it done. Shortly after that post went live, I received a request to provide a transcript for those of you with limited connectivity and resources.¬†Rather than reinvent the wheel, I took some video screen shots and transcribed my yammering. Then, I went back and cleaned it up a bit because it is now quite apparent that I am totes classier in written form than verbal. So, don’t try to match this up to the live cut verbatim – you will notice a few discrepancies.

Again, this is just the fast & dirty way I get the wax job done ’round here. There are many ways to skin a cat so take it and make it your own.¬† Read More

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