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09 Jan

Santa delivered the goods. I’m giving them away

diy swag contest

Hey. Remember when I put together your Christmas List? Did you find any of that awesome stuff under the tree?

I did.

Well, not under a tree because I didn’t put one of those up. Nope. I didn’t decorate one single solitary iota. Not unless you count the ceramic Santa that’s been sitting on the shelf next to the stove for well over a year anyhow.

And it’s not because I’m a Scrooge either. Back around Halloween, we decided to pack up and head West to celebrate my birthday in lieu of wrapping paper, wreaths and lights this year.

Just before we left I pulled an all-nighter to finish up the commissioned projects I was working on. I delivered Jami’s boy’s shelves, Lily’s nightstand, Eddie’s sign and Olivia’s jewelry chest just in time to pack, drop the pups off and catch our flight – where I promptly caught some zzzz’s. When we landed, Dave and I assumed our opposing positions in the¬†ongoing “Where Will We Live When We Finally Move to Colorado” debate.

It’s a pretty easy choice for me. We can either have this… Read More

08 Dec

13 Awesome Gifts for The DIY Chick

13 Awesome DIY Gifts

Well folks, it’s that time of year again. Mailboxes are overflowing with sales flyers, your favorite tv shows are interrupted by countdown calendars and savvy marketers keep renaming the days of the week urging you to spend more, more, MORE!

Because I care about your sanity, I took the liberty of tracking down some wicked sweet gadgets and gizmos perfect for your ‘Ms. Fix It’ chick this Christmas season. While I firmly believe it’s your right to shower her with gifts any day of the year, these should arrive in time to be placed under the tree. And what if you ARE the DIY Chick? You’ve got plenty of time to pick up special holiday wrap for the gifts delivered by Santa. {wink}

In no particular order I present 13 Awesome Gifts for the DIY Chick in your life: Read More

03 Dec

DIY Shell Christmas Tree

DIY shell tree

Brrr! Have you been outside today? Yowza – my morning curb surfing activities weren’t much fun since it’s well below freezing here in my neck o’ the woods. Do you have any idea how hard it is to unscrew hardware bolts with frozen fingers? (and my gloves weren’t much help) This is about the time folks around here start making plans to head south to warmer climates. Us? We’re getting ready for a trip to Denver. Go figure.

Anyhow – in light of the frigid temps I’ve got a special treat for ya’ll today. Give a warm (get it?) welcome to my pal, Alyson. (Hi Alyson!) She talks her own kinda trash over at The Shitastrophy. I’ll warn you though – she tells it like it is so put your big girl panties on before clicking through (then make sure you have a second pair handy because you’re sure to need a spare once you get to reading the shit she writes.) Oh, I took the liberty of censoring the first F-bomb she tossed out. The rest is full-on Alyson so consider yourself warned! Read More

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