08 Feb

Hey Girl. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Have you seen the photos of Ryan Gosling gracing the walls of Facebook and Pinterest accompanied by phrases only the perfect man would say? {btw, I wonder who decided Ryan would be the perfect man? Not that I disagree…} Here is my favorite:


And this one is a close second only swap ‘pin’ out for nail so it’s applicable. Read More

05 Jan

A DIY Baker’s Dozen ~ Bucket List Projects Revealed

I’ve found when working on projects that what I see isn’t quite what others may see when looking at the same thing. That’s especially true when I am über focused on the project subject and not at all on its peripheral environment. It’s amazing how the naked eye will completely overlook things like dirty dishes or a rogue sock but the camera – well the camera doesn’t lie.
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01 Jan

A New Year Bucket List {in pictures}

I hope everyone made it into the new year in one piece.

My BFF and I actually got a head start on the festivities by celebrating a couple of days early {along with my birthday and Christmas}.

New Year Bucket List

Judging by my Twitter and Facebook feeds today {read: dead} it looks like we made the right choice. Where is everyone? Passed out on the floor? Out looking for your car? Enjoying your last day of vacation? Read More