31 Dec

The Best of the Best

best of the best

This time of year I try hard to stay off of my personal Facebook wall – especially on Sundays. It’s bad enough that the hubs has football on our tv screen, I don’t care to watch the bickering back and forth between friends on the computer.

Instead, I switched over to my business page and was pleasantly surprised to see several “Best of 2012” round-up posts from blog buddies and pages I follow. And that got me thinking….

Since I obviously haven’t been blogging long enough to have my own ‘Top 10’ list, I decided to pay homage to bloggers that I follow and in some way have driven traffic from their site over to mine. Not only is it a cool way for me to ‘give back’,  I had a sweet excuse to hang out just ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ over their projects today – amping me up to get dirty in the new year.

Speaking of {things that sound} dirty – when you’re a blog virgin it helps to pimp yourself out to increase your audience. So I link up to lots of other blogs. My site’s stats show me where new readers navigate from and make it super easy to give credit where it’s due.

Like most of my projects, I grossly underestimated the amount of time my research would take. Oh it was easy to identify my Top 10 Referrers and head over to their sites but I quickly got sucked in thrown off course since not all of them posted a year-end project run down. And those that did didn’t follow a standard format (is #1 the top post or is #10??). And as usual, I’m running out of time so I figured I would just wing it create my own list.

Therefore, in true DIY style may I present to you (in descending order):

 “My {favorite posts by the} Top 10 Referrer’s of 2012″

10. Interiors by Kenz 2012-10

How can you not love life-size dog art? And she gives props to ANSI sized prints. She warmed my heart twice in one post! Kudos Kenz!

9. Savvy Southern Style

Simply adding a back can really change a piece’s overall look. On a budget? Wrap a piece of plywood (or even cardboard) with faux beadboard wallpaper and spray paint 2 of 3 identical pieces white. Leave the third colored to get Kim’s look for less!

8. Skip to My Lou

Cindy found a clever way to bring the outdoors in. A glaze whitewash would make for a quick faux birch look. {Remember to spray seal to keep critters contained.}

7. Under the Table and Dreaming

Stephanie Lynn played dress up with her glass ware! What a great way to repurpose old clothing. How cute would a flannel p.j. vase be?

6. Broke Ass Home

This is a great way to recycle a rug that is snagged or stained and still match your decor for free. (And how cute is Emma’s flower pillow??) For ethnic flair use Mexican blankets – they would add loco texture and color.

5. Funky Junk Interiors

No one turns trash to treasure like Donna does. This is going on my 2013 To Do List and I have just the spot (and plenty of hooks!) – stay tuned…

4. Thrifty Decor Chick

Even over done knock-offs make come backs with simple modifications. Sarah reinvents a stylish wheel on a blank wall. I expect to see variations of this to be around for quite a while (like this one from Steph).

3. Miss Mustard Seed

While not quite a DIY/project post how can I not favorite the one with mountains? And from the very city I plan to live in eventually? Yeah, Marian’s pretty much living the life I want…with naturally curly hair. {sigh}

2. Between Naps on the Porch

I love that Susan downloaded the assembly instructions (and constructed a sample version) before purchasing the unit. She wound up with less than a 1/2″ overall to spare. Totally my kind of project {and DIY’er}!

1. Roadkill Rescue

Now this is an ultimate form meets function makeover – a two-fer DIY upcycle. It’s quite apropos that this chair would be on the site responsible for over half of the total hits to my newborn blog. I can’t thank Beckie enough for featuring my kitchen island on her site.

Really, I have to thank all of these wonderful ladies (and those who inspire me like Ashley) along with my friends and family who follow faithfully via Facebook and Twitter for their support. I know you are all busy and it means a lot to me that you take the time to see what craziness I’m working on.

Today might be the very last day of 2012 but every new day presents an opportunity to be a better {fill in the blank accordingly}. The truth is, we don’t have to wait for January 1st to make changes to our homes or ourselves. We can start any day – every day.

Here’s to a happy and prosperous year ahead. See you there!


8 thoughts on “The Best of the Best

  1. Dee, you are a dearheart for including Between Naps on the Porch in this wonderful list. Such an honor…Thank-you! Happy New Year, my friend! 2013 is going to be amazing and you'll be creating your own top 10 posts for DeeConstructed this time next year. 🙂

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