27 Feb

Top 10 {Swoon}-worthy Finds


Hey, hey, hey! Well hello there. How’s your hump day going?

Last night we got dumped on (18 inches of the white stuff) so until the boys finish clearing the drive I can’t get to the grocery store.


And I’m sure you know I am just heartbroken over it – not.

The hubs is holed up in my office on conference calls and training sessions so I’m camped out on the couch surfing the ‘net. …which is lame of late. Seriously, I’m so tired of the same photos all over social media and if I read another “Fantabulous Holiday Craft for (enter lame Hallmark holiday here)” blog post I’ll hurl. 

Years ago I used to shop. Like, at real stores – not just at the Will. I used to blow money like a crack whore. {I apologize to any former users in the crowd. Stay strong. Fistbump…explode.} I loved perusing online catalogs and Ebay stores to score sweet crap not just because it was pretty and I had the cash but because I was miserable in my marriage and it gave me an excuse to escape reality.

Back then I came across this website with unique home decor. Most of the stuff featured I’d never seen elsewhere and the selection seemed to rotate pretty regularly. I even used pics of some things on design boards for school. I’ve always been one for taking the (retail)road less traveled. I can’t stand having things in my house that my friends and neighbors have.

Anyways, the site is still going strong. Since I had time to kill today I checked it out and put together a list to share. After you’re done drooling over the goods, check out their price tags. Since I’m no longer drug dealer rich I like that these puppies won’t break the (hub’s) bank.

Without further adieu I present the Top 10 {Swoon}-worthy Finds at The Detailed Decorator (also known as my ‘damn, maybe I need a real job’ list).



1) Leather Trunk, 2) Doggie Storage Tin, 3) Courage Bracelet, 4) Hobnob Key Candle, 5) Cast Iron Hooks, 6) Stoneware Jar, 7) White Owl Vase, 8) Fab Flower Hat, 9) Iron Baskets, 10) Bird’s Nest Holder

Now, thanks to the wonders of modern technology the awesome lady who curated this site of unique small shop items and I have become friends. She even started to blog recently! (Heaven help her.) And no, she has absolutely no idea that this is how I spent my snow day and this is most certainly not a sponsored post (though I do hope she pays me a compliment or two for my keen design sense).

I honestly like her stuff and I thought you would too. So – you’re welcome.

If you wanna see more awesomeness you can click here:

I need to go get something for dinner. I hear we have more snow coming…

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