10 Jun

An Unexpected Repurpose

DIY Dog Bed

Ok, ok, ok I know I took way too long to get this project done but to be fair we had no official finish time for today’s Rehash That Trash project reveal. And in my defense I have been crazy sick and just got around to starting this project today. So chill. Now, if you’re just tuning in, the official challenge was announced last week. My opponent, Ms. Evey, and I vowed to scour our project stash and come up with an item to rehab in an unexpected way. I chose this über cute Victorian toy box that I’d picked up at a yard sale for $5.00 last summer. I wasn’t sure what I’d use it for but look at those bones?!?!

Toybox before

After a quick wipe down and de-gooing (what is it with little girls and stickers?) I sanded and slapped on a few (five to be exact – that’s why it took me so long!) coats of matte bone white paint. The paint wasn’t behaving as planned and kept peeling off. That may have something to do with how humid it is here today or the fact that I didn’t bother to prime it first – it’s hard to tell. {smile}

Toybox in progress

While the paint was drying, I cut some luan, cardboard and foam to ‘stuff’ a piece of leather. After eyeballing the center, I wrapped the leather around and stapled it into place.

Fabric build

Let the record show that I have now successfully completed my very first cushion (and still have no idea how to sew).

DIY Leather Cushion

Ok, so I’m going to be 100% honest here. My original intention was to apply clear wax to the paint and seal. But at the last minute I decided to get fancy and that’s where the day got away from me. See, I picked up some paprika stain the other day for $1 (A DOLLAR, people!) at Rustoleum’s warehouse sale and added it to my wax (how I DIY tinted wax)…

DIY Dog Bed

I don’t know if I like it. But for the sake of the contest (and because Evey was blowing up my phone/computer) I called it done. It doesn’t look bad, it just has that ‘shabby’ look that I am personally not a fan of. Since this piece will stay in my house and in my bedroom – I’d like it to match the crisp, white pieces in there. We’ll see if it winds up back in the shop for a repaint or not. It may grow on me.

For now – the man of the house seems to think it works.

DIY Dog Bed

Now don’t forget – this is a contest! Since we are super sophisticated and using the comments sections to tally votes, leave some love here & on Evey’s blog letting us know who you think won this week’s challenge. (and keep in mind that I actually worked on this piece and didn’t just move it from one spot to another like someone else I know…) 

Dinner, drinks and carte-blanche photo uploads depend on you!

Round 2 – Creative Organization/Storage
Round 3 – Recycled Fabric/Upholstery

33 thoughts on “An Unexpected Repurpose

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  2. This is adorable and I would like to feature it on My Thrifty & Vintage Finds Link party! Thanks for linking up! Could you add a link back to my post or use the button on the bottom of the post so that I can include it? Thanks!

  3. Dee is the clear winner here! She made a creative effort to completely re-purpose an item and thought way outside of the box. That is what she does best! Evey is going to have to step up her game! 🙂

  4. Ok so I am all about all things organization (I believe Dee had a picture of my desk on her wall at one point) so I appreciate the organization in Evey's project but Dee definitely won this challenge in my eyes. So looking forward to next weeks organization challenge!!!!

  5. Dee… there was never really any question about who would win, in my mind. I do really like the dog bed. Maybe you should have a handicap of some kind since you are so good at this stuff. (I wouldn't want to come up against you in a challenge). Have a great week. Linda

  6. I like it a lot. I just don't know if it fits this round. Re-purpose project makes me think of something that you already had that you re-purposed. Like Evey's crate. So can I say tie, so I don't get in trouble with Dee? 😀

  7. I like yours better (and that's not because I consider you a friend…) I really like that you took one thing and turned it into something completely different. I also LOVE the look of it and if it doesn't work out for you, let me know!! 🙂

    Ok so all in all, I think YOU WIN!

  8. Hi Dee! I'm all in for this challenge! Here's my conundrum: Evey's is repurposed with very little effort. Yours is repurposed, barely (as the toy chest was originally made to both store toys AND sit on) but you cleaned it up. So… I think yours is prettier, but Evey's meets the criteria of 'repurposed' more clearly. She's the winner. Sorry Dee.

      • Oh ohhh. I'm in trouble. I said Evey put very little effort into it- not you. I know you broke your ass. But her's went from a coke holder to an office organizer and yours went from a toy chest with seat to a seat. You know i LOVE you this is NOT personal.

        • Um mine went from a toy box to a dog bed. Maybe some kid sat on it at some point but not in this house. I think it's interesting how people define 'repurpose'. For the purposes of the contest it just means to take something and use it for something else. To be fair, Evey's wasn't holding soda because homegirl doesn't drink soda! 🙂

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