23 Jan

What’s Your Home’s Personality?

Home Coat Rack

Oh hey, how the heck are ya? I’m taking a break before heading back into the master bathroom to finish the tile floor I decided last week I had to have. A few times a year Dave and the boys escape the cube farm to go play in the snow. I have no idea why they choose to subject themselves to the cold, white stuff but I don’t question the opportunity to have the house to myself for a few consecutive DIY days.

Like a good wife, I let the man of the house make the big decisions and concern myself with minor details like what will get the most bang for my buck when we put this place on the market.

Last week, I scored some sweet mirrors on the cheap and a whole bathroom redo came together quickly in my mind. I’ve got all of tomorrow to pull it together in real life before he gets home and expects there to be a fully functional en suite. Pshaw, piece of cake. I figured while I was waiting for the floor to dry I’d do some ‘shopping’.

A week or so back I got an email from a company asking if I’d take some time to peruse their site and curate a home decor collection to kick off the new year in style. Now, usually, when I get emails like this I head straight for the delete button but this chick was smart enough not only to compliment my site but to actually reference a project that I did. That wasn’t on the first page. And wasn’t something repinned eleventeen thousand times.

So wait, this lady with a real job at a real company really looked at something I wrote and still wanted me to represent her brand? Yep. All she was asking was that I scope out her site, see what I’d consider putting in my own house and then share those retail pipe dreams with you. And get this, she didn’t even ask me to link back to her site. Being the skeptic I am, I tossed a monkey wrench in to the plan before confirming my involvement.

See, as I was checking out the company’s link it dawned on me that I already subscribe to their catalog. Since it’s under my real name and not affiliated with ‘el blog’ I was pretty sure she didn’t scout me from the mailing list. And while I haven’t ever placed an order, I did knock off one of their products last year. I wasn’t sure she’d be too happy about that so I thought I’d ask…

You know me. I don’t like to shop and on the rare occasions I part with the green stuff it’s for clearance items at The Will. So, me buy something from an online retailer? Riiiiiight. But, I do enjoy flipping through catalogs for inspiration, which is why I’m on their mailing list.

When I saw this sign in the catalog I wanted it in my house but since my craft stash didn’t contain random chipboard letters…

Home Sign

I dusted off the Cricut and came up with this instead.

home sign letter

Eh, it wasn’t quite the same so I was stoked when the HobLob gods heard my crafting prayers and issued markdowns in Aisle 14. I’ve got a large wooden ‘H’ primed and ready to go.

And get this, that lady emailed back saying I was welcome to include anything I liked in this post. Even the fact that I opted to DIY one of their products in lieu of buying it. How cool is that? Totally my kind of collaboration.

So, here are the things I would authorize funds for if I wasn’t so damn cheap and convinced I can make anything myself. I am, however, completely open to your patronizing this fine retailer with me in mind on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Flag Day, so on and so forth and would love to finally own something with my name on it.

Because, apparently, Deanna isn’t common enough to emblazon on an airport mug or kitchen magnet.

Name in heart on wood

I’m not sure about the pineapple but I love the scroll work on the Welcome Sign. I’m into glass vases lately so the monogrammed hurricane vase would be perfect alongside the old school rustic piece of carved wood and provide a nice contrast up on the fireplace mantle. Don’t you agree?

Wood wine holder

Although I doubt it would save anyone’s life, it would be cool to hang that life preserver ring on the side of the hot tub. You know, for nights like tonight when my dogs are barking and I’ve had a smidge to drink. Safety first, my friends.

Or I could hang a sign that says Don’t Drink & DIY. Bah, that’s no fun!

Speaking of, I hope Katie’s not the only one who gets all excited about that gravity defying wine bottle stand because that thing is seriously awesome. You could have fun with the engraving too – W for white, R for red, M for mine…

I, on the other hand, am *this close* to putting serious thought into recalling my Paypal password to claim that multi-purpose keychain. Did you notice the flashlight on it?? I love the vintage looking plaque but am not sure which date we’d put on it. Maybe that’s why more people don’t marry the same guy twice.

garage sign

Ok, so technically this would have to be personalized for Dave since I relinquished control of the garage last summer. But it’s not like he does anything out there so what exactly does he have to hide? How about we swap ‘garage’ for ‘workshop’ and call it a day. The guitar pick is for the kid. And, I might actually suggest we snag that for his next birthday.

Life is better with a dog

But by far this is absolutely the best thing about this company. Not only do they indulge my over the top adoration of all things dog, they customize everything by breed. I have a few FB friends that are going to be all over these goodies for their furry friends.

Now, I’ve taken the liberty of simplifying your life by creating a Personal Creations pin board with all of these products and a few more. Go right ahead and repin ’til your heart’s content. If you’d like to express your deepest appreciation for my thoughtfulness, know that I have been eyeing this beauty…

Puppy Paw Print Necklace

And I’ll need one for each pup. {wink}


*I received absolutely nothing in return for this post except an excuse to avoid doing any real work along with the satisfaction of entertaining the 13 of you who regularly read what I write. Hi Mom!*

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